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5 Popular Geomarketing Strategies for Small Businesses


Are You Using Geomarketing?

Geomarketing is a marketing effort that focuses on a local community in some way. If your business happens to be located in Seattle, for example, you would focus your online geomarketing efforts on Seattle to drum up more local business. If you’re trying to expand your business in Seattle to Portland, then you would focus your efforts on Portland instead. With modern tools available to you online, it is easy to begin geomarketing if you haven’t already!

Here are the best ways that you can begin to find new customers who want to see what your business has to offer.

Are you using Google Adwords?
Did you know that Google’s Adwords advertising program generates over 10 million conversions per day? The average advertisement generates almost 200 clicks per day! At just a 2% conversion rate, which is considered to be the industry average, that would mean you’d get two new customers every day from Google Adwords alone. That’s why it is such a powerful geomarketing tool! The best part about Adwords is that you can design your ad campaign to specifically target people only in your location so that you can really see how geomarketing could work.

Do you have video advertisements on YouTube?
Did you know that online advertisements have a 50% boost in brand awareness over their radio or television counterparts? YouTube reaches the key 18-35 year old demographic better than cable television does, which makes it a worthy advertisement platform by itself. You can also add specific geomarketing efforts to your YouTube campaign by incorporating specific zip codes into your advertising efforts. This allows you to specifically advertise on a growing medium in whatever zip codes you are looking to increase a customer base.

Have you considered Facebook?
A sponsored post on Facebook can generate upwards of 3,000 views on local newsfeeds for less than $10. There really isn’t a more affordable way to generate an immediate geomarketing advertisement effort that can be seen by that many people anywhere else on the internet today. Almost 80% of people say they like to interact with the brands that are on Facebook because they feel like they have a genuine connection to those brands. Despite this, more than half of all businesses don’t use Facebook to advertise. This gives you a window of opportunity to find new customers that your competitors aren’t finding.

Have you considered offering a daily deal?
There are a tremendous amount of online retailers and coupon websites that allow you to offer customers a discounted item of yours in an effort to entice them to visit or try out your business. If these discounts are offered in a well thought-out way, you can actually make a profit even from a deeply discounted item. Nearly 15% of mobile platform owners are connected to websites that offer them a daily deal, which means you’ve got a potential new opportunity there.

The future of online business is in geomarketing. If you’re not doing it right now, chances are your competitors are or are at least thinking about it. Make the move today to try out a geomarketing campaign for yourself and see what new revenues streams might be available to you right now!

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