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5 Most Opened Email Subject Lines


Email marketing is a potent weapon, but only for those who know how to go about it efficiently and effectively. Creating an impact with email marketing can be very easy but there is only a fine line between what you can do right and what you can do wrong. All that stands between your email marketing strategy’s success and failure is the recipient’s glancing away from your email for an instant, or the user simply trashing the email with a simple click. Whether your email gets noticed or it gets ignored and then eventually trashed depends on a simple line; the subject.

Many companies don’t realize the importance of the subject line. Salespeople need to understand that it is that simple line which can make all the difference. It does matter who the sender of the email is, what the context is and what is eventually shared or presented in the email but what matters right at the onset is the subject line.

How would you present your email in a few words, ideally in just two or three words? That is what you have to work on. That would be the best email subject line for salespeople. If you come up with five words, ten words or more, then you are looking for the trashcan.

In the associated info-graphic you would come across what works and what doesn’t work in email subject lines. The simplest subject line is not having anything elaborate at all and that seems to work in a majority of strategy. Quirky and funny subject lines work too but boring, mundane and promotional subject lines seldom get the attention of the recipient.

Imagine yourself as the recipient and step out of the shoes of a salesperson. How many emails do you receive in a day, how many do you click and which ones do you actually check (other than those that are marked as important or whose senders you know)? Answering these simple questions will tell you why a simple subject line works wonders and why long subject lines would not cut ice.

Explore the best subject lines, the worst ones, some good ones and some not so good ones in the info-graphic. The next time you are working on an email marketing campaign, it is better to use a subject line that is as short as possible and as smart as you can conceive.

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