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5 Keys to the Perfect Email


Email marketing is effective but only if the emails are worthwhile. Emails that don’t get opened or read completely and don’t get responded to don’t really cater to any purpose. Even if companies think that they are getting exposure with their emails jamming the inboxes of their target audience, it is not really the case as such emails are eventually deemed as spam.

Even if you are sending a promotional email, it should not be all about the promotion. Most businesses think that a discount and two or three words describing the offer in the subject, an image with some advertising copies trying to woo the audience are enough. Here are the quintessential attributes of the perfect mail.

1) More Than Three Fourth Of All Emails Don’t Generate Any Traction.
They are never opened. According to some reports, as many as four emails out of five don’t get opened. This is primarily because the recipients don’t care. Not many people like to be targeted with emails and especially those that keep getting bombarded time and again. Many companies keep sending the same emails in the hope they would generate some traction.

The first checkpoint is the targeting of the audience. Even if a company makes goods or offers services meant for millions of people, it doesn’t imply everyone in that target audience will respond to the email. The emails must be sent to only those who are likely to consider the offer or will need the information. Others in the target audience must be first transitioned to the interested group before making them an offer.

2) Addressing The Recipient By Name Is Imperative.
The email must be personal. While it could be a promotional offer or there can be some random lists of products in some cases, the addressing should be very specific. You can highlight past purchases, the existing association you have, any queries that the recipients might have initiated or anything that can get you to start a conversation. Without any reference, an email is just as good as a cold call. With an appropriate reference, you can get the recipient engrossed or at least bothered.

3) Present An Email As a Gateway To The Solution For An Existing Problem.
Highlighting discounts or announcing sales is not the most effective way to use email marketing. Keep the problem and the solution in mind while working on the subject and then get into the details in the content of the email.

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