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5 Keys to Closing a Sale Over the Phone


My Personal Phone Sales Tips

1) Invest in Weekly Personal Growth Within Your Field
I listen to 10-15 hours of podcasts every week in the area of marketing and online business. 80% of the information I hear I already know, and the podcasts act as a repititous reinforcement of that knowledge. The other 20% is brand new information that keeps me at the front of my field as an expert. I listen to the podcasts through my smartphone. When I hear something new, I dictate an email or text message for later review.

2) Do the Research on the Client
I spend at least an hour doing research on the client and preparing for the call. I review their website and make a list of ways I can contribute value on the phone call, which is specific to their business. I then research the individual via LinkedIn and Facebook.

3) Make a List of Questions for the Call
You should only talk for 20-30% of a sales call. The rest of the time is spent listening and taking notes. The primary purpose of the call is to understand the prospect and what their pain points are. Psychologically, people enjoy a conversation more when they are the ones doing the talking. The way I achieve this goal is by making a list of questions, which are focused on finding out the information to help me close the sale.

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