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5 Facebook Tips from Coke’s Top Posts


If you know anything about Coca-Cola and their Facebook account, you know that they have one of the most successful social media examples going today. Over 50 million Facebook users are following one of the most famous brands on the planet. This isn’t something that happened by accident. Coke worked their social media potential to the smartest degree possible. The end result is the stature they are currently enjoying today.

50 Million Facebook Fans

How did Coca-Cola prove that even the largest companies in the world can create a compelling social media presence? There are a few interesting things you can look at, when it comes to that subject.

Keep in mind that these social media tactics utilized by Coca-Cola can almost certainly be put into action by your brand, as well:

1. They’re encouraging interaction with their fans. Coca-Cola frequently posts things that encourage their fans to be creative, and come up with their own possibilities. Fan interaction often leads to brand loyalty.

2. They have their finger on the pulse. When a sporting event or some other significant event is occurring, Coca-Cola taps into the fervor, while also making sure fans do not lose sight of what they offer as a company.

3. They ask questions. Coca-Cola frequently posts items that ask fans questions. A good example of this would be the “first sip or last drop” post they made to their Facebook fans a little while ago. Fans love it when brands engage them in this fashion.

4. They post content that people are going to want to share. Coca-Cola is clearly paying attention to the things associated with their brand that people love the most. They give fans plenty of opportunities to share these things with their friends, which leads to increased brand recognition for Coke.

5. They remain casual, friendly. Without sacrificing anything in the way of what they want to achieve as a company, Coca-Cola tends to stick to posts that are friendly and causal. They are most certainly not a brand that people tend to associate with boring, trivial things.

The powerhouse Coca-Cola has established with their social media presence is not lightning in a bottle. It is not something that has happened through sheer coincidence. Coca-Cola succeeds on Facebook because they have struck upon the social media formula that works for them. They reach out to their fans, deliver consistently pleasing content, and encourage participation on a truly impressive level.

You can achieve similar results with your brand.

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