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5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from 50 Cent


When you think of rapper 50 Cent, you may not immediately think of a successful entrepreneur and businessman. However, 50 as he’s known to friends has become one of the most sought-after names for endorsement deals and products, and is considered one of rap’s wealthiest performers. If you’re looking to make a success of your own business or ideas, consider these 3 simple but powerful lessons you can learn from him and apply in your own deals.

Hustle, and Hustle Some More

50 has openly referred to himself as a hustler, and has said that he is willing to sell anything if there is a market and the price is right. For yourself, take a lesson from this and keep yourself open to whatever offers you the most potential and possibility. You may have your heart set on a certain product or industry, and working hard to make this a success is good, but you also need to keep hustling and keep moving forward if you want to stay on top of your game.

Respond to the Market

While it’s good to keep your eyes open to all the possibilities available when it comes to being an entrepreneur, you also need to respond to the market. Many up-and-comers have wasted years chasing after a market that doesn’t exist, trying to sell a product they loved but which had no customer base or audience. 50 Cent has said that he goes where there is a response and doesn’t waste time with products or endorsements that don’t respond, and you would do well to do the same.

Build your Own Empire

You can either work hard to build your own empire or work hard to build someone else’s, and 50 has said repeatedly that he works for himself and not for anyone else. Learn from that passion and consider how you’ll spend your time when it comes to being an entrepreneur. You need to protect yourself and your interests when it comes to business, or someone else will simply protect theirs.

Keep these points in mind if you consider yourself an entrepreneur and copy the passion of this young rapper. 50 Cent has worked hard to make himself a success despite starting from nothing, and you can do the same if you remember these simple lessons he’s mastered.

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