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5 Easy Desk Exercises for Back and Neck Pain


If you’re stuck at a desk for 8 hours each day, it can be difficult to get some time for meaningful exercise. That leaves you with stiff legs, a sore neck, and stress that hits you every chance it gets.

Thankfully, there are some practical ways you can reduce stress and feel better, even if you are unable to leave your desk. Take a look.

1) Take Deep Breaths.
If you take deep breathes while sitting at your desk, you are restoring your body to a natural posture. Deep breathing will also help your body begin to fight the high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, that may be floating in your system. Try to take 10 long, deep breaths to at least a count of 5.

2) Stand Up.
The mental stress of always staying seated is as power as the physical stresses that are placed on your body. Instead of going for a couple of hours before taking a walk, try to stand up every 20-30 minutes to give yourself a break. Even standing up for 2-3 minutes, twice per hour, will give you some much needed relief.

3) Stretch the Legs.
If you sit for a long time, you’ll find that the circulation in the legs can be affected. That can lead to having your ankles swell up over time. You might have the pins and needles feeling in the feet, like they “fell asleep.” Take some time to stretch out your legs. Even if you just stay seated, lift your legs and point your toes forward for a nice stretch.

4) Stretch the Hands.
If you sit at work for long periods, then you’re probably typing for long periods too. When you take a moment to stretch your legs or stand up, take a moment to stretch out your hands too. If your wrists are sore, you may be typing in an incorrect position. Look for support options that can reduce these pressures.

5) Twist the Back.
If you are experiencing back pain frequently at work, then you should see your doctor or a chiropractor for an evaluation. If your lower back is sore because your muscles are tight, then give them a twist. Sit in your chair, stretch your arm out, then twist in both directions for a nice stretch.

Stress happens. It’s what you choose to next that will make you feel better or allow the stress to win.

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