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5 Best Ways to Learn from Failure in Business


There are a many things in life that can make you feel awful about yourself but nothing worse than failure but if you use failure in the right way it can be your stepping stone toward success. The right formula can help you to get the most out of your failure. Here are a few tips to turning your failure into an action that can help you find success.

1) Rename it.
It sounds like such a simple thing to do but if you rename your failure as something other than a “failure” you can change the way you think about failing. Experience is a good word to use that can exemplify a failure as something that you have learned from.

2) Climb up using failure.
Every failure is an experience. Whether you think it or not you did learn something from the experience. Review what worked and review why it worked and keep that information so that you can use it again as part of your stepping stone to success. Of course you can also remember what did not work and be sure to either tweak it or throw the idea in the proverbial trash can.

3) A partner.
Accountability for success includes sharing your failures with your partner. Having someone to kick around the ideas with can help you to use failure as a great collaborative tool. The right partner will help you to investigate the failure and determine what changes needed to be made. Having someone to talk to can help you to get the most out of your failures. It is always easier when you do not have to go it alone.

4) Never be ashamed of your failures and hide them.
Be proud that you had the courage to take risks and that you learned from the risks. Do not try to disguise your failure or hide them. Own them. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

5) Regroup.
Take a look at what your goals are and decide If the failure was in line with those goals or something else. Dig down deep and regroup, look at your emotional motivators to get yourself right back in the game. You have to be real clear on what you want and you have to be real clear on how you intend on getting there. Many times things fail because we are not really clear on what we really want.

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