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5 Best Twitter Tips for Increasing Retweets


Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites. It is a platform that businesses and brands can use to engage directly with consumers. When you are using Twitter, you need to know how to construct your tweets most effectively. This can be done by learning more about the most successful tweets. Here are the key takeaways from this infographic.

Even though most tweets are simply 140 characters, you can have more of an impact of you include images. Images are something that is consistently seen in the most successful tweets. This means that pictures can actually be worth more than words, when it comes to twitter. Tweets that include some type of image of any type have increased engagement. The increase in engagement is believed to be about 22% by simply having some type of image included in the tweet. This means that you need to be adding pictures to your tweets. Tweets without images are replied to and favorited much less.

20 to 40
When it comes to creating a tweet, you have 140 characters to play with. Many people feel that this is not enough, but the data shows it might actually be too much. The tweets that are most popular and most successful are actually fairly short. On average, the most successful tweets range from 20 to 40 characters. This is especially true when the characters are accompanied by some type of image. This means that it does not take a lot of characters to get your point across. Most of the successful tweets in the history of twitter are short and sweet. When the tweet does not contain an image of any type, it has the most success if it is about 120 to 140 characters in length. This means that you can feel free to add more characters if you are not including an image.

No Link
You might think that adding a link to your tweet will give people what they are looking for, but this actually is not the case. The numbers show that tweets with links actually have much less engagement. The function of a link is to drive people to content. However, including a link will not lead to more favorites or increased engagement in any way. This means that if engagement is what you are looking to achieve, you are better off not including a link of any type.

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