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5 Best Fitness Center Marketing Strategies


Have You Tried Online Fitness Marketing?

Being healthy and fit brings about a feeling of self-confidence that is second to none. Being overweight, on the other hand, brings about feelings of loathing, anxiety, and even fear. The best way for a gym to survive is through revenue streams that are consistent, which means expanding membership roles and selling gym memberships. Today’s gym owners have recognized that there is a disparity between these two groups of people and are able to effectively market to both target groups through the use of online fitness marketing.

Do You Have a Useful Website?

The first key component of being able to utilize online fitness marketing is to have a useful website. Only 3% of all customers don’t use the internet as their top source of information today, which means you’re missing out on a massive set of people if you don’t have a website at all. Make sure you have all the critical data about your gym on your website so that people can make a decision about whether or not they want a gym membership on their first visit:

• What are your rates?
• Do you employ personal trainers?
• What kind of equipment does your gym have?
• Do you offer any incentive programs?
• How active are you in the community?

What you’re attempting to do is create a sense of need within a customer and to show that customer you’ve got the value available to meet that need. If you can provide that value at a fair, competitive price, you’ll increase your memberships.

Are You Writing a Blog?

Nearly 2/3 of companies today say that they are getting customer leads from their efforts at adding content to a blog. This again comes back to the value perspective: if someone feels like your gym provides them with more value than the others in your area, then you’ll succeed at gaining that person as a member when they are ready. Writing a good blog is easy – simply update it periodically with original content that reflects your gym’s thoughts about fitness and give people practical ways they can be fit on their own time.

How Involved Are You with the Community?

Community involvement used to mean holding special events, competitions, and sponsoring different community events to gain awareness. Modern community involvement still requires this to some extent, but more important than these events is how you engage with people online. Does your gym have a Facebook page? If so, do you interact with people regularly on that page? Are you providing them access to quality information that they’ll find useful? Are you soliciting their feedback to see what your gym could be doing better?

The more work you put into engaging with people, the better your online fitness marketing efforts will be. If you can recognize which group of people are interested in joining your gym, you’ll be able to adapt your information based on their needs and provide them with an incredibly tempting value.

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