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49 Spectacular Tom Douglas Quotes

Tom Douglas is an American executive chef and radio talk show host. He has been award multiple awards in his life and authored several books. To celebrate his skills as a renown chef, here is a look at some of the most spectacular Tom Douglas quotes ever recorded.

“Another way I like to barbecue king salmon is as a whole fish stuffed, literally to the gills, with sweet onions, sliced lemons, and summer sage.”

“At the fishmonger, choose fish with bright scales and clear eyes.”

“Be sure to read a recipe all the way through before you cook. The time it saves you in the long run is invaluable.”

“Catfish has a nice firm texture and mild flavor.”

“Customers are more friendly when they’ve had a meal.”

“Disappointing cakes have often been sitting out too long. They should last just long enough to have the last pieces the next morning with coffee – who doesn’t love cake with coffee?”

“Entrepreneurial people are never satisfied.”

“Every cook I knows loves to make pizza.”

“For a group of friends or a family dinner, fish tacos are popular and fun to make.”

“How can anyone live off of minimum wage?”

“I can’t stand it when restaurants don’t have a sense of place in a city. When I’m in London, I want to know I’m in London. When you’re sitting in my joint, you know you’re sitting in Seattle.”

“I don’t answer my phone in a restaurant.”

“I don’t ever preach to people.”

“I don’t have any interest in being a chef without being on the business side of things, or vice versa, because if you don’t make money at the end of the month, you’re going out of business.”

“I don’t know too many kids who ask to weed the garden.”

“I have a good flavor memory.”

“I love restaurants from top to bottom.”

“I particularly like to make crunchy slices of garlic bread to serve with steamed clams.”

“I pay a living wage, I believe in healthcare, I declare all my income, and I don’t cut corners.”

“I think about sustainability all the time, whether it’s with fish or farmers in Eastern Oregon.”

“I think you owe it to your kids to teach them how to cook – you know, self-survival.”

“I try to eat in one of my restaurants every day, and I eat out in another restaurant every day. It’s what I do.”

“I use ginger like garlic. I love it for steaming fish and making barbecue sauces or roasted chicken.”

“I want to do the basic things, like putting my daughter to bed. It’s the sweetest thing.”

“If you just feel lazy and don’t want to cook, then don’t cook.”

“If you want something beautiful to put on the dinner table, pick up a sockeye, the salmon species with the most vivid red flesh.”

“If you’re going to start a fire, why cook just one chicken?”

“I’ll never understand those greasy little deep-fried wings most bars serve.”

“I’m just sick of food going in the garbage.”

“I’m much less shy in conversation than I am on my own.”

“I’m not exactly the best capitalist ever.”

“In the restaurant business, there’s the concept of pivot. Pivot to the stove, pivot to the refrigerator.”

“It’s important that your shucked oyster is clean and pristine.”

“It’s really fun to have a convection oven, even it if it’s a little convection toaster oven. It really changes the way you bake. ”

“I’ve been taught by everyone I’ve ever worked with.”

“Money is like manure: if you don’t spread it around, nothing grows.”

“My dad never explained anything growing up.”

“One-pot meals make a lot of sense… because so much of what people hate about cooking is really the cleanup, the mess, the grease.”

“Some of the best things you do are the things you don’t do.”

“Sometimes managers are a little shy to criticize another manager or another operation.”

“Steaming is a great way to cook any firm fleshed fish, but it’s often overlooked by the home cook.”

“Support a small chef. Not these big chains… but support the people who are out there trying to do things right and working hard to do that.”

“Sustainability includes how you run your business, and my bottom line includes how you treat your people. Sustainability starts with your staff.”

“Sweet, delicious Dungeness crab is always a treat.”

“The two things that are going to make you a better baker without even trying are a scale and a thermometer in your oven.”

“There’s natural mentoring that goes on in my life every day.”

“When I was a kid and my mom made tomato soup, she would cut buttered toast into squares and float them on top of each bowl.”

“When I was young, I would make my parents breakfast in bed on Saturday mornings.”

“When you watch ‘Shark Tank,’ everything is about off-shore this, off-shore that.”

Executive Chef Tom Douglas takes some time to discuss the topic of cooking with cast iron.

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