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49 Happy Early Birthday Messages

Celebrating a birthday is a joyous occasion. Celebrating early is even better. New trends have shown that some people even name their birthday month and celebrate the whole month making it more than acceptable to not send sentiments and gifts on their actual birthday, but anytime during the month instead. The following messages and notes are great samples of words and personal messages you can share with your friends and family.

Better early than late, especially when it comes to wishing my best mate. Happy birthday.

For everything else in my life, I am always late. But for my best friend’s birthday, I will always be early. Happy birthday.

Friends remember each others’ birthday on time but the best of friends remember each others’ birthday well in advance. Happy birthday.

Generally I am always very forgetful, but when it comes to special friends like you I am the opposite – I remember in advance. Happy birthday.

Given a choice between Advance and Belated, I’d pick the latter any day. So here’s a birthday wish in Advance.

I am busy so I won’t be able to attend your birthday party. But don’t get too happy, because you’ll still have to give me a treat later. Happy birthday.

I am going to beat Facebook and my iPhone to wish you a happy birthday before they can give me reminders. Happy birthday in advance.

I am used to doing everything in life before time, and your birthday is no exception. Happy birthday in advance.

I can cry, I can throw a tantrum, I can yell or I can complain. But that is not going to change the fact that I am going to be writing a test on your birthday. Have a good one and sorry I won’t be there to wish you in person.

I can’t believe I am going to miss my best friend’s best day of the year. I wish you a happy birthday in advance and I am sorry I won’t be here.

I can’t help but go away on a business trip, but that doesn’t mean I don’t value our friendship. I hate to be away on your birthday but it is not my choice. All my protests drowned out under my boss’ angry voice. But I promise that we will have the biggest party once I am back in town, so don’t let my absence spoil your birthday with a frown. Happy birthday in advance.

I could have taken a day off on your birthday but since you don’t pay my bills, I will unfortunately have to work and miss your party. Happy birthday in advance.

I didn’t want my special wishes to be lost amongst the other hundreds that you will receive on your birthday. Happy birthday, in advance.

I don’t care whether your birthday has arrived or not. I am going to wish you anyway because I love you a lot. Happy birthday in advance to someone who is really hot.

I know I am early, but I have done it deliberately. I know that your birthday isn’t here already, but I am looking forward to it eagerly. Happy birthday.

I know I will miss the one day of the year when you would really want me by your side, but I promise I’ll make it up in the 364 days that follow. Happy birthday in advance.

I know your birthday is still a few days away, but I am going to begin the celebration right from today. Happy birthday.

I may not be able to be there at your birthday part in person, but that doesn’t mean I’ll miss out on all the fun. I’ll still send you a gift that you’ll love and adore, and once I am back we will party until we are sore. Happy birthday in advance.

I officially want to be the first one to wish you, so here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

I thought we were friends, how dare you have your birthday when I am away? Happy birthday in advance.

I was intent on gift wrapping my love for you but a box large enough to fit it all is yet to be made. Happy birthday.

I will be travelling on your birthday but I want to make you a promise my dear friend. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I will raise a glass and think about you when the clock strikes midnight on your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

If I can pay bills before time, I ought to wish a friend before time too. Happy birthday.

Let’s cherish the day when life gave me a friend.

On your birthday, I may not be there. But that doesn’t mean, that I don’t care. I regret that I won’t be by your side to celebrate, but I wish nothing but happiness in your fate. Happy birthday in advance.

Remembering a birthday before time is much better than remembering a birthday after time. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

Sending you countless wishes to make your birthday memorable.

Since I am going to miss you party, we might as well as start celebrating early. Happy birthday.

Since I am sending a birthday wish in advance to you, I expect a party in advance too. Happy birthday.

Since I am your best friend, do I get the first slice of the cake?

Since I think of you all the time, I might as well as wish you a little ahead of time. Happy birthday in advance.

Since I will be missing your birthday party, I am very sad. I know that even you, will feel very bad. But there is nothing more I can do, than to send my wishes in advance to you. I am sorry that I won’t be able to make it, but believe me even I will miss it to bits.

Since to me, you are such an amazing friend, I am going to wish you before the countdown to your birthday ends. Happy birthday in advance.

Since we are besties I can’t possibly wish you just one time. So happy birthday in advance, to a very dear friend of mine.

Sometimes I wish that life was a video game so I could just hit pause on all my other commitments and not miss your birthday. But since that is not possible, here’s wishing you a happy birthday before I begin my travels.

The fact that I am away on your birthday will give you the chance to celebration twice – once on your real birthday and the second time when I am back. Happy birthday.

The mark of a true best friend is genuinely remembering your friend’s birthday well in advanced before the actual day of her birthday.

The worst part about my job is that it makes me travel a lot and so I will miss your birthday. But the best part about my job is that it pays well so I can buy you a nice gift when I am back. Happy birthday in advance.

There is a special place in my heart for you, so I want to wish you before everyone else starts wishing too. Happy birthday in advance.

This is just a warm up to fill your tummy with butterflies and to keep your adrenaline pumping for that special day tomorrow. Happy Early Birthday.

This message is to let you know that even though I will be traveling on your birthday, my mind and my heart will be with you on your special day. Happy birthday in advance.

To the most wonderful person in the world, on the day when he/she was truly the most wonderful.

What a wonderful day it is, since it’s your birthday

When it comes to a friend as sweet as you, something special on your birthday I must do. Even though your birthday is still far away, I am going to start celebrating from this very day. Happy birthday.

Why am I feeling happy? Oh! It’s your birthday.

You are the first one I tell everything to, so I should also be the first one to wish you. Happy birthday in advance.

You get more perfect and beautiful as the years pass by. Even though it is your birthday, I feel like I am the one who got the gift. You get presents while I get your presence.

Your birthday is a race and I am going to beat everyone else to it. Happy birthday in advance.

Your birthday is too special to be celebrated for just one day, so let’s begin the party right away. Happy birthday in advance.

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