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101 Catchy Dance Company Names

Dance is popular among the youth and adolescent crowd. Each day, over 20 children and teens are treated in emergency rooms for dance related injuries. The most common injuries experienced are sprains and strains. 45% of these injuries are attributed to a fall. The following series of dance company names currently perform business around the United States and succeed in teaching children the necessary skills to succeed in dance.

6th Position Dance Company
Ability Unlimited
All That Jazz
Art in Motion
Artisan School of Dance
Artists in Motion
Axis Dance Studio
Ballet Collective
Ballet Production Wortham
Beats N Steps
Beauty N Grace
Blue Fab Dance Studio
City Dance Studio Inc.
Cookie Joe’s Dancing School
Creative Edge Dance Studio
Crescent Crew
Curtain Call
Dance Alley
Dance Bag
Dance Bliss
Dance Concepts
Dance Establishment
Dance Expressions LLC
Dance from the Heart
Dance Sensations
Dance World Studios Inc.
Dancing Dash
Dancing Den Dance
Dancing Divas
Dancing Edge
Dancing Force
Dancing Splash
Elite Arts Dance Studio
eMotion Dance
Epic Dance
Epic Motion
Exclusive Dance Club
Expressions Dance
Feel the Beat
Footworks Studio
Freestyle Dance Company
Golden Zing Dance
Graceful Moves
Groove Box Dance Studio
Happy Star
Heart N Soul Dance Studio
Hexabeat Dance Club
Hippy Hippy Shake
Hook Up Dance Studio
Illuzion Dance
In Motion Dance Studio
In Step
In Step Dance & Performing Arts Center
Jump and Jive
Lights Camera Dance
Living Lines Dance Center
Mad Crew Dance Studio
Mad Mix Dance Studio
Mad Moments
Midland Dance Studio
Minute Fusion
Motion Sense
Move Space Dance
Moves and Grooves
One Motion Dance
Partners in Time
Premier Dance Academy
Red Glame Dance Club
Red Vibe Dance Studio
Revolution Dance Studio
Several Dancers Core
Simply Dance!
Soaring Star Studio
Spotlight Dance Studio
SSQQ Dance Studio
Steppin’ Time Inc.
Straight Rock Dance
Stretch Your Body Boot Camp
Style Grid Dance Studio
Sunrise Dance Company
The Beat Box
The Dance Club
The Dance Whisperer
The Learning Circle Dance Studio
The Plex Dance Studio
The Vault Dance
Time To Tap
Twinkle Toes Studio
Ultimate Feet Dance Studio
Up Swing Dance
Urban Move Dance Club
Urban Star Dance
Vibe Dance Studio
Vision Dance and Learning Center
Wave Moves Dance Studio
Wavelady Dance
World Dance Promotions Inc.
Xcite Dance
Your Side Dance Studio

The infographic posted below focuses on interesting facts and statistics of children performing dance. 4 out of every 10 dancers are injured between the ages of 15-19. To reduce your risk of a dance related injuries, be sure to concentrate on using the proper technique. Perform stretches and warm up before and after each routine.

Common Dance Injuries

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