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101 Catchy Catering Business Slogans and Taglines

Here is a list of the greatest catering business slogans of all-time. These catchy slogans are followed by the Greatest Catering Company Names of All-Time and a special post revealing the Perfect Slogan Formula.

A Chicago classic.
A delicious journey.
A freshly fried chicken joint.
A rocking grill.
A surprise classic.
A Yankee tradition since 1914.
An amazing experience for all.
An appetite of pride.
Award of Excellence.
Bring the food party.
Bringing the world to your table.
Catering by design.
Catering for all.
Catering imagination.
Catering to you.
Catering Tradition since ____.
Catering your special event is a privilege.
Catering. Cafe. Bakery.
Celebrate flavor. Celebrate life.
Celebrate with us.
Celebrated in gracious settings among family and friends.
Celebrating catering.
Celebrating taste since ____.
Committed to good food.
Committed to value, service, and style.
Create. Inspire. Innovate.
Creating memories that last a lifetime.
Delicious food on time.
Deserve well.
Destination: Excellence.
Elegant occasions. Memorable events.
Entertaining made easy.
Escape the typical.
Every need catered.
Every party begins with us.
Experience tastes of Europe.
Experience the top of the food chain.
Experience the unexplored.
Explore great tasting food.
Explore tastes, Explore us.
Feed your dreams.
Feel fine dining.
Filling every occasion with great food and service.
Fine dining redefined.
First-class catering.
Flavorful occasions.
Food fresh from the farm to the table.
Food in your budget.
Food is our forte. People are our passion.
Food made with taste.
Food with passion.
Food with thought.
Food. First and foremost.
For the untraditional.
Fresh, colorful, delicious.
Fresh. Vibrant. American.
Friendly serving.
Giving a catering solution.
Glorious galas.
Great food… on time.
Grill, Frill, Chill.
Imagine the difference.
Imagine a new taste.
It’s a flavor explosion.
Let us do all the work.
Let’s cook it.
Look what’s cookin’.
Made with wisdom.
Make your vision happen.
Making food special.
More than just food.
Our only limit is your imagination.
Perfect catered affairs.
Pleasantly served.
Redefining catering.
Redefining the role of the caterer.
Serious food, Serious people.
Seriously good food.
Service. Care. Tradition.
Serving up great memories.
Simply fresh.
Taste meets excellence.
Taste something fresh.
Taste the delicious.
Taste the new.
Taste the Tasted.
The perfect party palace.
The perfect solution for any occasion.
The recipe for extraordinary events.
There’s a high point to every event.
Various venues, Various menus.
We can create these remarkable moments.
We mean business.
We pamper you affordably.
We pamper your tastes.
We’re your party people.
Where every meal is like Sunday dinner.
Where food celebrates life.
Where tasteful creations begin.
You’ve got questions and ideas.

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Food in Motion
Ready Set Eat
Bread + Butter
Black Penguin
A Sharper Palate
Sage & Zest
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Catering is a service that is most popularly seen during wedding exceptions, but is also common place for business meetings, social and family gatherings at your home. It is intended to service many types of venues giving you one less thing to plan for.

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