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101 Catchy Art Company Names

For an art gallery in today’s economy, focusing on what sells and displaying your top money makers is the best way to keep bringing buyers in. Art companies can also look at seeking collections or selling online as an art dealer and consider running longer exhibitions to gather more crowds. The following list of art company names are from existing companies throughout the United States that focus on the display and sale of art.

440 Gallery
A Small Production
Allure Art Center
Angel Daisy
Appomattox Tile Art
Art Attack
Art Bond & Company, Inc.
Art Center Manatee
Art Connection
Art Guild Banner Express
Art in Motion
Art People Gallery
Art Smart
Arts on the Horizon
Artsy Wish
Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery
Black Market Art
Blue Fab Fine Art
C2 Creative
Cadence Theatre Company
Clay & Paper
Color Secrets
Copeland Mills School of the Arts
Craft Valley
Crazy Trails Fine Art
Creative Art & Ink
Creative Art Studio
Creative Mass
Creative Tales Art Gallery
Crescent Crew
Crimsom Created
Design Crafters Inc.
Double D Graphic Art & Sign
Dusty Modern
Fame Monkey
Finch Street Studios
Finest Art & Framing
Fusion Mint Art Gallery
Gallery 14
Gerald Bland Inc.
Goeller’s Office & Art Supplies
Good Stone Art Gallery
Granger collection
Grey Impress
Happy Arts
Hardy & Nance Studios
High Tide Gallery
Hint Willey
Ice Art, Inc
Inksanity Tattoo Company
Inside Joy Art & Ink
La Maison d’Art
Land Art Design Inc.
Madrone Art Bar
Metal Edge
Minna Gallery
Moraga Art Gallery
Multiple Impressions
NextStop Theatre Company
North South Art Transfer
Northvibe Art & Ink
Nova 535
Old Broads Way Theatre Company
Palm Avenue Fine Art
Park Life
Pebble Wave
Pinot’s Palette
Plainsmen Gallery
Pointe Break
PS122 Gallery
Purple Cow
Retro Gallery
Rice Art Gallery
Shirt Art Inc
Sign Art and Design
Silk Moon Gallery
Singing Stone
Slushbox Art Gallery
Straight Up and On Pointe Performing Arts Company
Suger Bliss Fine Art
Suit and Artist Inc
The Drawing Center
The Good Art Company
The Menil Collection
The Platform Group
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Urban Gallery
Viberant Dash
Virginia Stage Company
Vivid Trails Fine Art
Wells Theatre
Whole Art Company
Wyland Galleries
Z Gallerie

The top states for art galleries are New York, California, Illinois, and Florida. Galleries serve as great opportunities to display art and receive publicity and sales. With the onset of growing technologies and ecommerce, artists can even sell their own work directly to consumers online.

Locating Art Galleries

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