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44 Awesome Roller Derby Team Names

Derby sports have spurred in popularity over the past decade and found in small towns across the United States and other countries. Finding itself now considered a multi-million dollar industry with almost 40,000 participates across the United States, the average skater invests $1,500 in playing. The following compilation of roller derby team names are from leagues across the nation intended to inspire the naming of your own team.

Bells of the Brawl
Black Heart Maidens
Black N Blue Belles
Bleeding Heartland
Blockwork Orange
Bomb Quads
Break Neck Betties
Chicks Ahoy!
Cleveland Steamers
Dropkick Mollys
Eves of Destruction
Fear Maidens
Fighting Suzies
Hellfire Harlots
Kappa Jamma Slamma
Left Hook Hunnies
Murder City Kitties
Murder Maids
Newcastle Roller Girls
Platinum Divas
Riptide Rollers
Rocket Queens
Roller Girls
Rolling Pinups
Runaway Brides
Sadistic Sweethearts
Salty Dolls
Shevil Knevils
Skee Town Skirts
Spawn of Skatin’
Split Lip Sallies
Sweatie Betties
Taco Kickers
The Gold Diggers
Thrashin’ Lassies
Toxic Cherries
Trust Fund Terror
Undead Bettys
United Intergalactic Federations of Super Babes
USA Roller Derby
Women of Mass Destruction

Roller derby considers of a jammer, blocker, and pivot. Each period consists of a 30 minute round where a 2 minute jam will start. The jammers work their way through the pack looking to score. The below infographic outlines the different types of blocks and gear needs to successfully play in a roller derby.

Guide to Roller Derby

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