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150 Good Security Company Names

The private security industry is expected to grow in the next several years due to the high perception of crime risk. Individuals become concerned over the ability for public safety officials to maintain safety of all citizens all the time. Outsourcing security activities to contracts firm of bringing some in house will support the demand. Guarding government facilities, correctional facilities, and more niches within the industry are expected to see gains. The following list of security company names are from current agencies around the United States. These names are intended to ignite your own security brand.

A1 Affirmed Security
AAA Best Patrol Services
AAA Reliable Security
Above All Security
A-Dependable Security
ADS Security
Advanced Alarm System
Advantage Security Inc.
Alert Protective Services
American Security Force Inc.
American Video and Security Ltd.
Anderson Security Agency
Armed and Ready Security Guards
Assurance Security
Assured Security
Assured Solutions Security
ATAC Security
Be Alert Security Services
Be Secure Home Watchers
Blue Light Night Patrol
Bond’s Alarm
B-Secure Patrol Service
Capital Guard & Patrol
Citadel Security Agency
Complete Security Systems
Control Risks
Corps Security
CPI Security
CrimeShield Neighborhood Watch
CrimeShield Patrol
Criminal Watch Security
Crown Security
Custom Security Guard & Patrol
Danger Alert Security
Defion International
Dependable Security Company
Dispatch Security
Eastern Valley Security
Eclipse Security Professionals LLC
ELITE Universal Security
EMC Security
Emergency Alert Security
Emergency Security Services
First Defense Security
First Response, Inc.
First Security Services
First Source Security
Floyd Total Security
Friendly Security, Inc.
Front Static
Garda World
Guaranteed Security
Hack Eye Security
Hidden Eye Security Systems
Hidden Lock Security
Homeward Bound Security
Imperial Security Inc.
Integral Protection, Inc.
Invictus Security
Invincible Security
Key Bright Security Agency
King Security
Lakeshore Alarm Services
Lifehouse Security
Lifeshield Home Security
Lighthouse Patrol Service
Lightning Rent-a-Guard
Metro Protective Agency
Metropol Security Services
Mind-at-Ease Home Watchers
Minute safe
Moonshine Security
Neighborhood Watch Patrol
Neighborhood Watch Security
Night Guards Security
Night Owl Patrol Services
Night Patrol Security
Night Prowlers Security
Night Troopers Security
No Blink Protective Services
Northbridge Services Group
On Guard
On Your Mark Security
On-Demand Patrol
Open Move Total Security
Owl Eye Security
Peace of Mind Watch
Pinkerton Governemnt Services
Precision Security
Priority ONE Security
Private Eye Security
Private Guards Security
Promise Security Guards
Pro-Tect Security
Protect your Home
Protection One Inc.
Ranger Guard and Investigations
RapidSafe Security
Rent-a-Guard Security Services
Rest Assured Security
Safe and Sound Security
Safeguard America
Safeguard Protective Services
Safehouse Security
SafeNet Inc.
Sailor Security
Secure Assist Night Guards
Secure Home Watch
Secured Safety Patrol
Security Alliance LLC
Security Anywhere
Security Florist
Security Now! Home Watch
Security One
Security Pros, Inc.
Security USA
Senaca Group
Siren Home Security
Smith Protective Services
Sphinx Security Services
Stat Security
Street Patrol Neighborhood Watch
Strongarm Security Partners
Stryke Alarm
Sundial Security
Sundown Security
Talon protection Group
Task Force Security
The Brinks Company
The Protection Connection
Thousand Eyes Security
Three Alarm Security
Top Guy Security & Investigations
Triple Canopy
Triple Threat Security
Turbo Tail Security
Unity Resources Group
Unlockit Locksmith and Security
US Security Associates
Valley Protective Services
Vigilante Neighborhood Watchers
Voltage Security Inc.
Watchdog Security Services
Weiser Security
Western Eagle Security
Wise Wolf

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There are currently over 2 million security professionals and only 765,000 full time law enforcement individuals in the industry. Private security firms are able to provide personal protection to celebrities, government officials, and executives of organizations. To learn more about this growing industry, check out the infographic below.

Private Security Industry Statistics and Trends

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