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43 Good Coffee Company Names

The Specialty Coffee Association sees an annual revenue of over $12 billion a year. An estimated 75% of this coffee is found in coffee shops being spent around the United States. On a global scale, coffee is determined to be one of the highest traded commodities, second to oil. The following listings of coffee company names are from existing shops around the United States that offer consumers that morning cup of Joe to get their day started.

10 Speed Coffee Co.
5th Avenue Coffee Company
Baltimore Coffee
Bear Paw Cafe
Big Mountain Coffee Co.
BlackGold Coffee Company
Blue Spoon
Boyd Coffee
Break Point Coffee Co.
Brew Fresh Coffee CO.
City Coffee Company
Creswell Coffee Co.
Deep Creek Coffee Company
Duncan Coffee Co.
Eagle Coffee Co. Inc.
Firehouse Coffee Co.
Flying Cat Coffee
Furnace Hills Coffee Company
Global Coffee Co. Inc.
Green River Coffee
Happy Cup Coffee Company
HiLine Coffee Company
Indian River Coffee Company
Indian Shores Coffee Co.
Irving Farm Coffee
Insomnia Coffee Co.
Meridian Coffee Co.
Octane Coffee Bar
Partners Coffee Co.
Pirate Coffee Co.
Pyramid Coffee Co.
Silver Bean Coffee Roasting Co.
Sisters Coffee Company
Skyline Coffee Co.
Standard Coffee Co.
Stone Street Coffee
Strictly Organic Coffee Co.
Sunset Coffee Company
The Buckhead Coffee Company
The Frederick Coffee Company & Cafe
The Night Shift Coffee Company
Wandering Goat Coffee Co.

Coffee houses grew in popularity during the 1700’s in Europe. In Italy alone, over 200,000 espresso bars are active. Coffee was in much debate in the 1700’s where people’s addiction to it was considered a social problem. An estimated 1.7 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide. The following infographic outlines interesting facts about coffee.

Facts About Coffee

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