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45 Catchy Embroidery Company Names

The embroidery industry is estimated to be worth one third of an $8 billion dollar industry. Embroidery itself is not necessary considered an independent product in the apparel industry but a work of art that is performed. Cross stitching and canvas work are just some of the techniques found. The following collection of embroidery company names are from businesses that focus on custom logos and designs for apparel and more.

Best Embroidery Co.
Best Impressions Company
Bits of Thread LLC
Bull Shirts
Carroll Printing and Promotions
Desert Sky Embroidery
Donkey Paw Screen Company
Eastern Embroidery
Embroidery Place
Free Embroidery Co.
Galaxy Embroidery
GMS Embroidery
Great Embroidery
J Harding and Co.
Jasmine Designs Embroidery Co.
JB T-Shirt Printing
Infini Tees
Logowear Express
Master At Threads
Midwest Swiss Embroderies Company
Pan Trading Co.
Peerless Embroidery Co.
Petro’s Embroidery
Promo Vision Inc.
Push Play Designs
Regal Originals Inc.
Sew What Digitizing
Shirt Batter
Shirts Our Business Ltd.
Sil Thread Inc.
Stein Toblet Embroidery Co.
Super Screen Inc.
Superior Threads
Total Shirt Imaging Co.
Transit Tees
Unitees Inc.
Vivid Shirts

The first step for creating branded uniforms is to take proper measurements. Personalized uniform help to make your business seem professional, clean, organized, and reputable. You can have these sewn embroidered, screen printed, or added digitally to the garment directly. The following infographic outlines the basics to use embroidery to communicate your business to the customer.

Custom Uniforms

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