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43 Biggest Moments in Steve Jobs Life


From birth to death, Steve Jobs represents a powerful force in American culture. A self-made man who typifies the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality while not losing himself to the general apathy such a stance creates, Steve Jobs created a company, competed against giant competition, and eventually came out on top. Let’s take a look at Steve Jobs’ life, and how he gained his success.


Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara, after having been given up by his biological parents. In their house, young Steve learned how to read with his mother before he began school. In addition, learned a great deal about electronics and tinkering around from his Dad. With emphasis placed on education, Steve followed what was considered the right path, heading straight from high school to college.


Steve Jobs was not successful in college, spending some time performing pranks, meeting interesting people (including Steve Wozniak) and eventually dropping out. It should be noted however that dropping out did not mean and end to learning. Rather, it meant the beginning. Steve Jobs spent his time taking the classes he really wanted to take, learning things that interested him. Ultimately, Steve left India, began with Buddhism, and even tried Psychedelics.

Starting Apple

Returning back home, Steve begins to realize that he can beat big companies and gets to work making the Apple I. Along with his friends, Steve begins building a company up, produces the famous 1984 commercial for Macintosh, and eventually is fired by the CEO he hired, Sculley.

After Being Fired

Down but not out, Steve tries a number of different ventures that prove less successful. He the starts NeXT, and computer company. In addition, Steve purchases George Lucas’ computer graphics, starting PIXAR along the way. With the success of PIXAR, Steve eventually sells it to Disney, and then sells NeXT to Apple. In the end, Steve is made Apple’s CEO.

Coming Back, and the Tech Revolution

Now back in charge of Apple, Steve Jobs begins a tech revolution with a number of hit devices, including the Imac, the Ipod touch, and then later the IPhone and Ipad. With every iconic device, Steve revolutionizes the industry. Though diagnosed with the cancer which will eventually kill him, Steve works until the day before he dies, making his dreams for technology a reality.

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