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41 Proven Tactics that Increase Conversion Rates


It is no secret that our psychology plays a pivotal role in every decision we take. Whether it is a mistake or a wise decision, our psyche influences us more than anything and everything else. That psyche itself gets influenced by a few elements. From personal preferences to what the world expects from us, everything affects our mindset. We cannot work against what our mind tells us to do and if that can be influenced by marketing or advertising then any company can boost its sales. Here are just a few examples to highlight the correlation of psychology and sales.

1) We All Know How Important Reviews or Endorsements Are.
Whether it is a brand ambassador endorsing a product or it is a customer writing a glowing review, the target audience or prospective buyers will deem the product desirable. The belief that the product is good because others are saying so makes one interested and that drives a person to make the purchase. There are many products that people buy simply because they have heard someone say good things about it. From grocery items to clothes, everything we buy is influenced by what our immediate surroundings or what people in general tend to feel about those products.

2) References, Endorsements, or Reviews Are Fairly Easy to Understand When You Explore the Correlation of Psychology and Sales.
A more complicated issue is pricing. It is a given that people are more likely to purchase a product because it is more reasonable than its competition. The exception is luxury goods where the pricier a product, the more desirable it is. There is another reality about pricing. Many products sell not because they are necessary but because the pricing is right. For discretionary purchases, any item that doesn’t have any basic utility, one doesn’t have to make a purchase but people do buy such products, only when they think the price is fair.

3) You Can Influence the Psychology of Your Customers By Using Visuals.
Whether it is an image or a video, a slideshow or a large banner on the roadside, visual aesthetics can make or break a marketing campaign. You must have seen how amazingly attractive the products look when they have undergone the process of visual merchandising. You cannot expect people to be enticed by a product if it doesn’t look great. There are companies that use various tactics to make their products or even the presentation of the products visually more appealing than they actually are.

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