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43 Great Skateboard Company Names

The retail sales in the United States for the surf and skate industry have exceeded $7.22 billion and is expected to see a substantial 10% growth in the next 5 years. This growth is estimated to be due to the onset of footwear and skater related styles attracting customers to this industry. Apparel has maintained one of the larger categories for revenue in the surf and skate industry followed by accessories. The following collection of skateboard company names are from nation brands and local retailers that cater to skateboarders in their area.

Abacus 5
Almost Skateboards
Antihero Skateboards
Avera Skateboards
Baker Skateboards
Birdhouse and Blitz
Birdhouse Skateboards
Bling Skatebords
Blueprint Skateboards
Bones Bearings
Bump Skateboards
Deluxe Distribution
Dimension Streetboards
Element Skateboards
Ethos Skateboards
Flip Skateboards
Girl and Chocolate Skateboards
Hurley International
LIB Technologies Skateboards
Nixon Watches
New Soul
Plan B Skateboards
Powell Skateboards
Powerll Peralta
Rip Curl
Sector 9
Tensor Trucks
Toy Machine
Wight Trash
Zero Skateboards

The first skateboard appeared in the 1950’s in Southern California. Constructed on just a plank of wood and metal rollers, the skateboard has been revolutionized through the decades. Clay wheels eventually were introduced and the kicktail debuted in the 1970’s. The use of polyurethane wheels and slide rails for people that ramp skate. With the onset of decreasing width and smaller wheels, skaters can perform faster board rotation with flip tricks. The below infographic outlines the timeline of skateboards since their debut.

Skateboard Timeline

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