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40 Catchy Cake Company Names

Cake is not only a delicious treat to eat, but also a very lucrative industry for special occasion’s such as a wedding. Dating back to Ancient Roman times, a wedding cake was only a load of bread broken over the head of the bride. In the middle ages, it transitioned into the Bride’s Pie and baked with sweetbreads and lamb testicles. The top flavor of cake is considered to be chocolate, accounting for 34.2% of consumers. A variety of icing is available and design options to meet individual preferences. The following list of cake company names are from specialty shops across the United States.

Anita’s Cake Shop
Asheville Cake Company
Boston Tea Cake Company Ltd.
Capital Cake Co.
Carolina Cake Company
Cinderella Cheese Cake Co.
Classic Cake
Colorado Rosa Cake Company
Cream Cake Co.
Cupid Cupcakery
Daisy Cake Co.
Ele’ Cake Co.
Elegant Creations A Cake Co.
Georgia Fruit Cake Co.
Grace Lemon Cake Co.
Great Turtle Cake Company
Hahn’s Old Fashioned Cake Co.
Jackson Cake Co.
Lazy Daisy Cake Company
Let Them Eat Cake
Makery Cake Co.
Miss Grace Lemon Cake Co.
Mud City Crab Cake Co.
My King Cake Co.
Natural Cake Co.
Original Smith Island Cake Company
Smith Island Baking Co.
Sweet Occasions Cake Company
Sweet Pea Cake Company
The A&B Coffee and Cake Company
The Cake Company of Canyon
The Couture Cake Co.
The Funnel Cake Company
The Good Cake Company
The Makery Cake Company
The Sweet Cake Company
The Vintage Tea and Cake Company
Victorian Cake Company
Walker Cake Company LLC

The most expensive cake sold in history was valued to be over 32 million Euro and was six tiers, over a half meter tall. It was decorated in 2,000 diamonds, created by a jeweler. The below infographic outlines interest cake facts.

History of Wedding Cakes

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