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4 Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew


Almost every wine lover would want to know how to open a bottle of wine without a screw. That is not because you dislike using a corkscrew but because you may not have one at all times. When you are outdoors, on an excursion, away on a road trip or when you are trekking, at the beach or at any situation wherein you do not have access to a corkscrew, you may be at your wits’ end to open a bottle of wine. However, with these four techniques that you are about to discover and know of, you would be able to open a bottle quite conveniently.

Shoe Technique

The first method is obvious the popular shoe technique. You would certainly have a shoe on you regardless of where you are and you would get access to a hard surface. The hard surface may be a wall, ground or that of a tree. All you do is place the bottle of the wine into your shoe, hold it firmly and then hit the heels of the shoe onto the hard surface, with gentle force. You should avoid using too much force because that might damage the bottle. With gentle hits on the hard surface, the wine inside the bottle would push the cork out. The cork may not fly out as some movies may lead you to believe but you would have the cork come out substantially so you can pull it out using your fingers.

Screw Technique

The screw technique is another popular method to open a bottle of wine. This works in the same manner as a corkscrew would function, albeit with some subtle differences. If you have a screw and a hammer with a claw side then you can simply twist the screw into the cork and then pull it out, thus pulling out the cork as well.

Coat Hanger Technique

The coat hanger technique also works pretty well, provided you have one handy where you are. Make a fish hook like structure by straightening the hook of the hanger and then slide it inside the wine bottle. Once inside, you can turn the hook and pull out the cork.

Bike Pump Technique

The bike pump technique is the last method of opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. The info-graphic and the imagery is self explanatory itself. You simply pump in enough air which creates sufficient pressure to push the cork out.

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