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4 Keys to Social Media Event Marketing

Social Media Event Marketing

Planning for Social Media Events

Social media has changed the way individual interact, do business, communicate, promote and many more. Many planners have been harnessing the power of social media in organizing and planning events. Social media events are somehow difficult to set up and organize. There are lots of things that need to be considered in order to make social media events successful and well-organized. Making a comprehensive plan helps a lot in minimizing your time, money and effort.
When planning for social media events, the most important things to remember are the event name, date, time, and name of event organizer, goals of the said events, and mission statement. Individuals should also pay attention to the different aspects of social media event planning. Knowledge and familiarity about these aspects will make planning and organizing process a breeze. The different aspects of social media event planning are as follows:

Pre-Event Planning

Under pre-event planning, creating a timeline for event announcements and promotions as well as creating visual elements to give support to the event on all channels are extremely important. And since you are organizing a social media event, which is completely different from a regular event, it would be best to make even pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. Pre-event planning may also include submitting on relevant directories, claiming locations, setting up offers, and designating social media tactical members and teams to engage and monitor social channels.

Pre-Event Social

This is usually one to two weeks before the social media event. Individuals can make posts each day, visual content and paid promotions per week. They can also create an event or participate in groups in Facebook. Individuals can also utilize Twitter in planning for an event where they can make tweets each day and create event list. Same style goes when they use Google+ and LinkedIn.

During Social Event

This includes interviewing customers, speakers, attendees and influencers for social content and blog. As part of event social, individuals can post photos on Facebook every day and make tweets on Twitter. It is also important to monitor company mentions and event hashtag if necessary. Retweeting and replying back to interesting questions and points from attendees are also crucial parts of social media event plans. You can also encourage others who are attending the event to post photos and updates.

Post Event

This is the final aspect of social media event planning wherein the post-event content is assessed, videos are uploaded on YouTube, and photos finally posted on Flickr. You can also turn on a trusted site in measuring the buzz as well as commit on a particular reputable website in summing up the best tweets. Blogs can also be beneficial in posting event where one can wrap-up a blog post about the event or write blogs summarizing sessions and offering slides. With this social media plans, organizing events is no longer tiring and challenging. All you have to do is enjoy the moment and take full advantage of the social media event that was successfully organized.

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