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4 Best Speech Memorization Techniques


If you’ve ever had to give a speech, then you have no doubt struggled with nerves and delivery. Every one of us has the ability to give an excellent speech, but a lot can get in the way of that. One aspect of speaking that people struggle with, especially when it comes to speaking on a particular topic, is remembering everything they want to say. Flash cards can make this easier, but you may not always have the opportunity to use them. So then, what is the best way for you to memorize a speech? Lets find out.

Creating a Narrative

There are two primary ways that people try to memorize speeches. The first is verbatim. This is where they write a speech down, and then try to memorize every word. While this may seem like the most effective way not to mess up while also getting your point across, it is not the easiest way out there and can in fact be a challenge to master.

The best way is to create a narrative. A narrative is a series of events, like a story, that you can play in your head while giving your speech. When done correctly, it will remind you where you are going in your speech, along with the right things to say. Though you will not memorize every word, you will memorize every idea, allowing for an easier moment-to-moment transition in ideas. How can you create a narrative for your next speech?

Taking Key Ideas and Making a Timeline

From beginning to end, you are sharing information to those around you. This information is on a particular subject or at least in one field. There is a point, and focusing around that point can help you create your timeline. Start with your introduction, and from there pick out key images that remind you of what you are talking about. For example, if you are talking about home mortgage costs, visualize a house with a for sale sign. From there tie these images together as you go through your speech.

Emphasize These Ideas

Each image that you come up with signifies a part of your speech. Now emphasize these images. Make the house look abandoned with an unkempt mind in your imagination. Make it reflect the content of your essay Once done for the entire speech, you will have a flow of images within your own mind directing you naturally to the end of your speech. Until then, good luck.

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