39 Good Health and Wellness Team Names

Health and wellness is a prominent initiative focused on preventing illness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. More than 68% of women exercise three times or more each week regardless of their economic social status. With 79% of women not holding a fitness club membership, it proves that collaborating with others or individually motivating yourself can result in positively moving forward with your goals. The most popular fitness activities for women are walking, strength training, yoga, and cycling. A variety of health and wellness team names are compiled below to help encourage the establishment of a group effort in fitness.

Admit to be Fit
Burning Lipids
Divide and Conquer
Fab and Fit
Femme Fitale
Fit er Done
Fit Sweet and Awesome
Fitness Protection
Four Fab Females
Happy and Healthy
Happy Feet
House of Carbs
In It to Thin It
Ion the Prize
Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Moving Mamas
One Calorie at a Time
Red Hot Chilli Steppers
Run for Life
Sinkers and Swimmers
Spring Chicks
Spring Fling Jump
Starving Marvins
Sum R Fit
The Ab 4
The Flab U Less
The Germ Stompers
The Gilded Four
The Quad Squad
The Young and the Rest of US
Walkies Talkies
Wellness Challenged
What the Fit

As women age, they are more likely to change their diet versus their exercise habit. Eating healthier has been perceived as being the primary driven factor to undertaking a fitness regime. Nearly two-thirds of women do not plan to diet this year. However, increased purchases in organic foods and beauty products are on the rise. The following infographic takes a look at the health and wellness habits of women.

Women Health and Wellness Statistics