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39 Clever and Creative Chili Names

Chili is a nutritious dish containing 240% of average vitamin C which is twice the capacity of an orange. It can also reduce the risk of injury to athletes. The following list of names is of popular chili dishes consumed by those across the United States. This is meant to inspire you to make your own chili dish and start spicing up the positive ingredients of chili.

A Working Woman’s Chili.
ABC Vegetables ‘n’ Chili
Ambush Chili
Arcadian Eight Bean Chili
Arizona Desert Chili
Bachelor Chili
Bandera Chili
Bandit’s Chili
Best Ever Chili
Black Bean Chili con Carne with Cilantro Pesto.
Bowl of Compassion Chili
Brazos Turkey Chili
Brown Bag Gourmet Chili
Brownsville Chili
Brute Force Chili
Buckskin Chili
Buzzard’s Breath Chili
Chanterelle and Shiitake Black Bean Chili with Sour Cherries
Chernobyl Chili
Chili in a Bread Bowl
Consumer Reports Chili
Cyclone Chili
Deadman’s Chili
Dynamite Chili
East Texas Red Chili
Esquire Fortnightly Eastern Establishment Chili
Four Dead in O-hi-O Chili.
Georgia Chain Gang Chili
Lady’s Home Journal Chili
Last Minute Chili
Mary’s Chili for Wimps
North Texas Style Red Chili
Nuclear Chili
Plain Basic Chili
Puppy’s Breath Chili
Saddlebag Chili
Satan’s Fantasy Chili
Texas Lava Chili
Texas Panhandle Style Chili

While chili has a trend of being considered a hot or spicy southwestern food, there are many benefits to this dish. From boosting your blood to chasing off cancer, the following infographic looks at the overall health benefits of this beloved food.
Health Benefits of Eating Chili

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