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81 Best Massage Company Names

The massage industry has experienced a growth of over 2 million people and the equivalent of $11 billion dollar increase. An estimated 47 million Americans visit a massage therapist each year as a means of more naturally relieving their pain. Clinical studies performed on the health benefits of massage has contributed to the growth seen in this industry. Related to treatments for arthritis, cancer, asthma, and bronchitis. Massage therapists can also decrease related symptoms of carpal tunnel, headaches, and post operative pain. A collection of massage company names from around the United States are compiled below to help encourage the brand name of your own massage business.

About Faces Day Spa & Salon
Access Transformation
All Hours Mobile Massage
Apothecary Wellness
Awe Spa
Bella Nova Day Spa
Best Massage Ever Spa
Blue Heron Wellness
Chandra Retreat
Eagle Rock Spa
Easy Balance Wellness Center
Elements Therapeutic Massage
Energy Healing & Massage
Enigma Day Spa and Wellness Center
Enliven Massage & Spa
Eve Spa
Friendly Massage
Full Body Massage
Full Moon Spa
Gratitude Healing Massage
Happy Acres
Happy Fingers
Healing Arts Massage
Healing Foot Spa LLC
Healing Hands Massage
Healing Hands Wellness Center
Healing Path
Heavenly Touch
Highland Massage
Holistic Massage
House Massage
Hugh Spa
In Spa
Integrative Health Centers
Joy Foot Spa
Kyoto Health Spa
Let’s Relax
Lotus Wellness Boutique
Magic Massage Spa Retreat
Magic Touch
Massage Envy
Massage Heights
Massage Oasis
Massage Place
Merry Massage Spa
Ojas Wellness Center
Olympic Spa
Oxygen Massage Therapy
Photalai Massage
Psoas Massage
Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage & Body Work
Royal Spa
Sacred Space Massage & Bodywork
Season Day Spa
Serene Massage
Singular Massage
Spaahbulous and More
Sparadise La Brea
Sunny Days Spa Massage
Tea Spa
Thai Experience
The Delight Day Spa
The Massage Company
The Pearl Spa
The Raven Spa
The Right Touch
Therapeia Massage
Tingling Touch
Touch Massage
Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage
Tranquility Body Spa
Urban Bliss Day Spa Inc.
Wadee Spa
Well Being Massage Studio
Wilshire Massage

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The following infographic outlines the trends and facts about consumers of massage therapy services. An estimated 40% of customers claimed to have received a massage for health related conditions such as pain management, injury rehabilitation, and overall wellness. An estimated 15% of medical patients have discussed massage therapy with their doctor. Some of the most popular seen techniques include swedish massage, deep tissue, and myofascial release.

Massage Therapy vs Chiropractic Care

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