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150 Catchy Pizza Restaurant Names

Pizza franchises have seen increasing growth throughout the recession. Even as the economy slowed, the pizza industry remained strong. This is believed to be caused by the fall of commodity prices in upcoming years that created a savings on ingredient purchases. New consumer trends also show consumers moving towards a product that is based on quality and is affordable at the same time. As other restaurants are expected to fail, the pizza industry will keep moving forward. The following series of pizza restaurant names are of some of the top pizza restaurants across the nation. These existing pizza names are meant to inspire your own creativity for branding your own pizzeria.

2 Bros. Pizza
800 Degrees
All Around Pizza
Angry Baby Pizza
Applewood Smoked Pizza
Bar Toma
Basil’s Pizza Parlor
Blood Pie Pizzas
Brick Oven Pizza Parlor
Buddy’s Pizza
Canyon Pizza
Carnivores Pizza Buffet
Charred Charlie’s Pizza
Chicago Pizza Kitchen
Circular Pi Pizzeria
Crazy Dough’s Pizza
Crazy Pizza
Crossgates Pizza Grill
Da Wheel
Deep Dish Pizzeria
Del Popolo
Di Fara
Doughbie Brothers Pizza
Downtown Pizza and Subs
Family Night Pizza
Feelin’ Saucy Pizza Shop
First Class pizza
Flyer’s Pizza
Frank Pepe
Frankie’s Fried Pizza
Full Moon Pizza
Galleria Umberto
Go-Go-Gourmet Pizza
Golden Globe Pizza
Gooey Gouda Pizza Crafters
Gumby’s Pizza
Half Baked Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza
Hearty Hearth Pizza Oven
Heirloom Homemade Pizza
Here’s Italy
Holy Rollers Pizzeria
Home Slice
Home Team Pizzeria
Hot Sausage Pizza Shop
Hot Spot Pizza Shop
Hot Stone Pizzeria
Inner City Pizza Co.
Inside-Outs Pizza
Lazy Baker Pizza Maker
Lighthouse Pizza
Little Vincent’s Pizza
Luigi’s Pizza
Margherita Mama’s Pizza Shop
Marinara’s Pie Shop
Masterpiece Pies
Matthews Pizza
Mellow Mozzarella Pizzeria
Oven and Shaker
Oven Baked Pizzas and Calzones
Papa Louie’s Pizza Parlor
Party Time Pizza
Pepperoni’s Pizzeria
PeppiPizza Co.
Pi Pizzeria
Pie in the Sky
Piggy Parts Pizzeria
Pinballer Pizza & Arcade
Pino’s Pizza
Pioneer Pizza
Pirates Cove Pizza
Pizza and Go
Pizza Castle
Pizza Delicious
Pizza Express
Pizza Kitchen
Pizza Paradise
Pizza Peddler
Pizza Squared
Pizza Toss Pizzeria
Pizza University
Pizzeria Bianco
Pizzeria Picco
Pizzeria Vetri
Prince St. Pizza
Punch Pizza
Razza Pizza Artigianale
Red Pepper Pizza
Roman Candle
Rosa’s Italian Pizzeria
Serious Pie
Shipwreck Pizza and Wings
Sin City Slice
Skinny Slice Pizzeria
Skyline Pizza
Slice Guy
Slice of Heaven
Slice of Italy Pizza
Speedy’s Pizza Delivery
Stakeout Pizza
Sterling Pan Pizza Co.
Stogie Joe’s
Stonecold Pizza
Sugar and Slice Pizza Shop
The American Wheel
The Backspace
The Black Olive Gourmet Pizzeria
The Corner Grille
The Crispy Crust Pizzeria
The Funky Anchovy
The Mad Pizza Scientist
The Pie
The Pizza Box
The Pizza Connection
The Pizza Cutter
The Pizza Stone
The Sizzlin’ Pepperoni
Tossers Pizzeria
Touchdown Pizza
Tower of Pizza
Township Pizza Shop
Tuscany Pizzeria
Twin Brothers
Twisted Toppings
Varsity Pizza
Via 313
Vito and Nick’s
We Knead Pizza
We Stuff Pizza
White Pie Pizza Restaurant
Who Said Pizza?
Wicked Marinara
Wildfire Coal Fired Pizza
World of Pizza

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