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100 Awesome Media Company Names

The entertainment industry is valued at $2 trillion with an annual growth rate of 5.5%. This market is powered by economic growth, trends, and purchasing digital platforms as a means of increasing revenue. Content and broadcasts are distributed through online, television, publications, and websites. New developments in technology keep the industry fueling as the numbers of mobile device users increase. The following selection of media company names include those in the different industry of entertainment and multimedia communication platforms. These companies exist throughout the United States.

Accuracy in Media Inc.
Allied Media Projects Inc.
Allover Media Inc.
Ascend Integrated Media LLC
Atlantic Media Co.
Brash Media
Center for Media & Democracy
Century Media Records
Charter Media
Compass Point Media
Demand Media Inc.
Directions Media
Exploring Social Media
Federated Media
Free Spirit Media
Fusionary Media
Glam Media
Go Media
Horizon Media
Liberty Media
Media Blasters
Media Cybernetics Inc.
Media Education Foundation
Media General Inc.
Media Research Center Inc.
Media Temple
Mochi Media Inc.
Mosher Media Inc.
Mott Media
New Media Consortium
Outfront Media
Participant Media
Pitchfork Media
Radical Media
Specific Media
Specific Media
Teamorks Media LLC
The Media Club
Vibrant Media

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Training Employees on Social Media

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