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37 Intramural Soccer Team Names

Intramural soccer helps to generate participating in clubs on campus. With increasing participation in intramural sports over the past decade, the college age audience are seeing increasing health and activity trends. Intramural sports can be organized in a variety of activities to include ping pong, ultimate frisbee, flag football, and soccer. The following compilation of intramural soccer team names are from campuses throughout the United States that currently encourage league participation.

Action Potentials
Arbitrage Situation
Atletico Perron
Backside Attack
Balls of Fury
Comedy of Errors
Delta Domination
District Thirteen
Dongles United
Falcon Kick
Fat Married People
Flying Wambachs
Fratty Footers
Goal Diggers
Grand Daddy Purple
Granola 4.0
Just About Average
Mancave United
ManChestHair United
Mighty Ducks
Milky Way
Occupy the Goal
Off Constantly
Simbal Stringrays
Straight Outta COMpton
Texting Flavien
The Stanky Legs
United Nations
Up Your Arsenal

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Most Common Injuries in Sports

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