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37 Creative Plant Based Blog Names

Focusing on a plant based diet offers many different benefits to your physical health. For many being a vegetarian is more than just what you consume, but a lifestyle change that creates more mindfulness with the world around you. These great plant based blog names from other bloggers offer the right inspiration and resources for embracing your choice to be plant based in all you consume.

Blissful Basil
Brand New Vegan
Center for Nutrition Studies
Clean Food Dirty Girl
Delightful Vegans
Feasting At Home
Food for Thought
Food with Feeling
Lazy Cat Kitchen
Live Plant-Strong
Minimalist Baker
My Plant Based Family
Oh She Glows
One Bite Vegan
Pass the Plants
Pick Up Limes
Plant Based Kindness
Plant Based News
PlantPure Nation
Pure Joy Planet
Raw Till Whenever
Running on Real Food
Straight Up Food
The Colorful Kitchen
The First Mess
The Glowing Fridge
The Green Creator
The Veggie Girl
Trusted Whole Food Vegan Recipes
Vegan Richa
Veggie Inspired
Whole Living
Will Frolic for Food
With Food Love
Yup, it’s Vegan

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