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37 Shocking Computer Virus Statistics

Computer Virus Statistics

Computer viruses are known to compromise a users private information, destroy data, and harm hardware for your system. Some of these viruses can produce damages in excess of billions. Rather a home user or business is targeted, here are recent computer virus statistics you should be aware of.

Home User Statistics

According to the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report and Consumer Reports the following home user statistics illustrate the impact of viruses to your average American.

1. 24 million households experience heavy spam.
2. 16 million households have experienced a serious virus problem in the past two years.
3. 8 million of households have had spyware in the past 6 months.
4. 1 million households lost money or compromised accounts from misused phishing.
5. The estimated cost of all households impacted by viruses, spyware, and phishing is $4.55 billion.
6. 40% of household are affected by viruses.
7. 32% of the world’s computers are infected with some type of malware.

Virus Threats by Type

A listing of the types of viruses and percentages of those that impact users.

1. Viruses – 57%
2. Misc. Trojans – 21%
3. Trojan Downloaders – 7%
4. Unwanted Software – 4%
5. Adware – 3%
6. Exploits – 3%
7. Worms – 2%
8. Password Stealers and Monitoring Tools – 2%
9. Backdoors – 1%
10. Spyware – 0.01%

10 Most Costly Computer Viruses of All Time

The most expensive computer virus of all time was referred to as MyDoom which caused $38 billion in damages. It was fast moving, infecting open networks and every computer with access to it. In 2004, this virus was estimated to impact 25% of all emails. A listing of the 10 most costly virus programs is listed below and the total amount of damages that occurred.

1. MyDoom – $38 billion
2. So Big – $37.1 billion
3. ILOVEYOUE – $15 billion
4. Conficker – $9.1 billion
5. Code Red – $2 billion
6. Melissa – $1.2 billion
7. SirCam – $1 billion
8. SQL Slammer – $750 million
9. Nimda – $635 million
10. Sasser – $500 million

The World’s First Computer Virus

The below video analyzes the nature of the first known computer virus. Created by two Pakistanis, this virus was designed to place the MS Dos operating system at risk. It made its way through Asia, Europe, and discovered in the USA.

Top 10 Countries with Most Virus Threats

As according to Kaspersky Security Bulletin, here is a listing of the top 10 countries that experience the most online virus threats and percentage of unique users impacted.

1. Russian Federation – 55.9%
2. Oman – 54.8%
3. United States – 50.1%
4. Armenia – 49.6%
5. Belarus – 48.7%
6. Azerbaijan – 47.5%
7. Kazakhstan – 47%
8. Iraq – 45.4%
9. Ukraine – 45.1%
10. Guinea-Bissau – 45.1%

Have a Virus?

The below infographic takes a look at recent computer virus statistics and some tips on repairing your computer. A listing of the top vulnerable applications will help to increase your awareness to the threats of a virus attack.

Computer Virus Statistics and Top Countries Impacted

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