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37 Health and Wellness Industry Statistics and Trends

Health and Wellness Industry Statistics

The health and wellness industry is considered the new trillion dollar industry. With new focus and trends aimed towards healthier products for the new generation, even baby boomers are impacted by looking towards health and wellness initiatives. The health and wellness industry in retail sales for nutrition, food, and beverages have hit over $200 billion in industry worth. The global wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion market. The following statistics is a break down of the overall impact of the health and wellness industry.

Health and Wellness Market Segments

The following segments in retail sales have seen the following annual revenue and growth.

– Nutritional: $31.5 billion
– Food and Beverage: $10.2 billion
– Vitamins and Dietary Supplements: $20 billion
– Herbal and Traditional Products: $4.7 billion
– Slimming Products: $3.6 billion
– Sports Nutrition: $3.1 billion

Global Health and Wellness Market

The United States food market is considered to be the largest in the world, accounting for 35% to 50% in global sales. Asia-Pacific is considered to be the next biggest market accounting for 3/4 of the current global market for functional foods.

Health and Wellness Market Trends

A look at how the health and wellness market will be impacted by direct selling and networking selling in present time.

10 Top Global Markets
The following list of countries are seeing large increases in health and wellness and are considered the top 10 markets for this industry.

1. China
2. Brazil
3. USA
4. Russia
5. Mexico
6. Venezuela
7. Argentina
8. Indonesia
9. United Kingdom
10. India

5 Top Distribution Channels

The following distribution channels account for the following percentages in retail value for the health and wellness industry.

1. Store Based Retailing – 98%
2. Supermarkets/Hypermarkets – 63.2%
3. Discounters – 11.7%
4. Small Grocery Retailers – 20.8%
5. Convenience store – 9.8%

10 Top New Product Launch Category’s for Industry

The following list of new product launches represent the top categories becoming growing segments in this industry. Over 689 new product launches were performed in 2009 with the total amount of products for each category listed below.

1. Kosher – 273 products
2. Weight Control – 205 products
3. Functional (Other) – 172 products
4. Low/No/Reduced Fat – 164 products
5. Functional (Cardiovascular) – 157 products
6. Low/No/Reduced Calorie – 151 products
7. No Additives/Preservatives – 146 products
8. Functional (Digestive) – 144 products
9. Low/Reduced Allergen – 137 products
10. Vitamin/Mineral Fortified – 131 products

Facts About Consumers

1. Over 87% of US consumers take some form of dietary supplement.
2. 69% of Americans used some form of complementary or alternative medicine in the last year.
3. Approximately 70% of Americans are concerned with their weight and more than 53% are trying to actively lose weight.
4. More than 10 million people participate in Pilates.
5. 44% of consumers bought products with compostable or biodegradable packaging.

Corporate Wellness Initiatives

In the United States, corporations have been faced with the declining health of their employees and rising health care costs. To combat this trend, more corporations are creating wellness programs to improve health and employee engagement. The following infographic takes a look at corporate wellness statistics and new trends.

Corporate Wellness Statistics

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