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125 Best Creative Gym Names

The growing demand for fitness has resulted in an estimated 24% increase for fitness trainers and gyms. Here is a listing of current gyms that exist throughout the United States to inspire your creativity in choosing a gym name. Trends in crossfit and juice cleanses are on the rise.

A Women’s Gym
Aesthetic Den
Anytime Fitness
Around the World Fitness
Atlas Performance
Bally Total Fitness
Blink Fitness
Body Balance
Body Builders
Body Temple Gym
BodyFuel Fitness
BodyTone Fitness
Boom Fitness
Bucktown Fitness
C3 Fitness
Chasing Aesthetic
Cheetah Gym
Chic Physique Women’s Fitness
Corenetic Gym
Crossfit Insanity
CrossFit Max Effort
Crossfit Zone
Curl Fitness
Custom Boddy
Define Body and Mind
Desert Gymcats
DIY Workout Machine
Eagle Fitness
East Bank Club
Eco Fitness Design
EquinoxFitness Essentials
Extreme Crossfit
Feel the Burn
FFC Old Town
Fit Accord
Fit Body Boot Camp
Fit Technicians
FitFat Studio
Fitness Authority
Fitness Connection
Fitness Cycles
Fitness Essentials
Fitness Factory
Fitness Hub
Fitness Millennium
Fitness on Fire
Fitness on Toast
Fitness Works
Fitness Zone
FitPro West
FLEX Studios
Flirty Girl Fitness
Fusion Fitness
GoPerformance & Fitness
Gotham Gym
Harmony Mind Body Fitness Inc.
Helios Fitness Centre
Hulk Smashed
Hybrid Fitness
Infliction Fitness
Iron Bodies Gym
Iron Cans
Jungle Fitness
Jungle Jim’s Fitness Center
Just Fit Gym, LC
Lean Machines Fitness
Let’s Burn
Living Fitness
Mile High Run Club
Momentum Sports Therapy
Mountaintop Fitness
Muscle Feast
Muscle Maniac
Next Level Fitness
Oasis Gymnastics
Paddle Into Fitness
Planet Granite
Powerhouse Gym
PowerLab Workouts
Primal Fitness
Quads Gym
Raise The Bar
Real Fitness
Retro Fitness
RunAway Fitness
Seafit Pilates
Set The Bar Fitness
Shake it Off Fitness
Smart Fit
Snap Fitness
Spin City Fitness
Steel Gym
Swerve Fitness
Synergy Fitness Clubs
Thaddeus Driven Fitness
The Dream Gym
The Edge Rock Gym
The Fitness Connection
The Little Gym
The Pump Factory
The Training Habit
The Weight Date
Throwback Fitness
To the Core
Total Balance
Total Eclipse Fitness
Upside Down
Vtone Gym
Weight Time
XSport Fitness
Xtreme Couture

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The following infographic outlines current growth seen within the gym industry and ways to market a gym memberships. Implementing a blog and referral program can offer positive results when combined with your current marketing strategy.

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