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36 Airline Industry Statistics and Trends

Airline Industry Statistics

According to the Bureau of Transportation, the total number of passengers having flown this year to date is 642 million. Almost 9 million departures have been made with 99 airlines scheduling service. The following collection of statistics provides a snapshot of the airline industry.

Domestic Market Share

The following airlines own the domestic market share in the US airline industry.

1. Delta: 16.3%
2. United: 16%
3. Southwest: 15%
4. American: 12.9%
5. US Airways: 8.2%
6. JetBlue: 5%
7. Alaska: 3.9%
8. AirTran Corporation: 2.7%
9. ExpressJet: 2.5%
10. SkyWest: 2.3%
11. Other: 15.2%

2013 Airline Industry Revenue

Revenue Q2: $41.2 billion
Baggage Fees: $871 million
Reservation Change Fees: $719 million

2013 Air Travel Industry

The following video captures the industry threat the low cost airlines have on the aviation industry. Boeing and Airbus are estimated to have backlog orders to meet growing demand.

On Time Performance Statistics

On time arrival rates have slowly decreased this year to 78.8%. A small 1% of scheduled flghts in the United States were cancelled. The top reasons for flight delays are as follows.

1. Aviation system delays.
2. Late arriving aircraft.
3. Maintenance or crew problems.
4. Extreme weather.
5. Security reasons.

Highest On Time Arrival Rates
Hawaiian Airlines – 94.3%
Alaska Airlines – 85.1%
Delta Airlines – 85%

Lowest On Time Arrival Rates
JetBlue Airways – 72.6%
Southwest Airlines – 73.8%
American Eagle Airlines es – 74.2%

Highest Rate of Canceled Flights
American Eagle Airlines – 2.3%
ExpressJet Airlines – 2.1%
Mesa Airlines – 2.0%

Lowest Rate of Canceled Flights
Delta Airlines – 0.1%
Hawaiian Airlines – 0.1%
Frontier Airlines – 0.1%

Airline Industry Complaints

The following complaint statistics of airline service have been made this year.

Mishandled Baggage
3.12 reports per every 1,000 passengers.

Pet Incidents
August 2013 involved the deaths of two pets and injuries of two pets.

1,218 complains have been made in August 2013.

Treatment of Disabled
87 disability related complaints were filed in August.

A total of 7 complaints were made in August 2013 regarding discrimination by airlines due to race, religion, national orgin, or sex.

Airline Industry Economic Impact

The below infographic takes a look at the economic impact of air travel and the aviation industry. Approximately $561.1 billion goods were transported by air in 2008.

Airline Industry Economic Impact

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