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35 Sterling Tim Gunn Quotes

Tim Gunn is one of the most famous fashion consultants in the world. Along with his work in the fashion world, he has branched out to have roles in movies, do voice acting, and even host his own reality show, “Project Runway”. He currently works as the chief creative officer at Liz Claiborne and continues to make waves in the fashion industry. Here are some of his most colorful quotes.

“A couple of things for the not-so-diminutive man: avoid any prints that are large scale, because you will look like the print is wearing you, as opposed to you wearing the print.”

“At all costs, avoid clothes that are too big. The more volume your clothes have, the more volume you appear to have.”

“But if fashion were easy, wouldn’t everybody look great?”

“Call me a schoolmarm, but few things make me angrier than people not taking good care of library materials.”

“Does a man need to know what a peplum is? Probably not.”

“Everyone has a best feature, so find clothes and accessories to accentuate those, whether it’s your shoulders or your long legs!”

“Few activities are as delightful as learning new vocabulary.”

“I also have no problem if you want to find a cave and have someone roll a boulder in front of it.”

“I believe that treating other people well is a lost art.”

“I do things like hem a pair of pants, I do my own tailoring but I wouldn’t attempt a jacket.”

“I don’t know why I’ve always been so captivated by architecture.”

“I hate the word “eclectic” .I’m a classicist, and I like comfort. Lots of books, lots of artwork, pieces of family furniture, and newer upholstery.”

“I have my mantra about silhouette, proportion, and fit. I believe that when they are in harmony and balance, you’ll look great in anything.”

“I have to have my coffee. I probably have three cups a day, but only before noon.”

“I learned early on in teaching how easy it is to hurt a young person and that’s never my intention.”

“I learned quickly that if the student’s perception is that you’re not listening to them, and not understanding them, they discredit you.”

“I say long and lean as opposed to tall, because you could be 5 four and look long and lean.”

“If I had to choose a single destination where I’d be held captive for the rest of my time in New York, I’d choose the Metropolitan Museum of Art.”

“If someone doesn’t ask, you don’t have a moral obligation to say every thought that pops in your head.”

“If you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it is always a top.”

“If you want to write an angry e-mail, write it but don’t send it. It’s based on my experience that whenever I have acted out in some manner, I have always regretted it.”

“I’ve made more bad decisions at 3 in the morning that I can list.”

“Just the way it never rains when you have an umbrella, you’ll never run into people if you look fantastic. But go outside in pajamas, and you’ll run into every ex you have.”

“Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife.”

“Listen to your own voice… And tell her there’s a reason why she’s a model and you’re the designer.”

“Make it work.”

“Remember, channel your inner winner.”

“So perhaps the real secret to style is filling yourself to the absolute brim with engagement. Loving not wisely, but too well and all that.”

“Take the high road. No matter how much strife, and consternation, frustration and anger you might be confronted with – don’t go to that level.”

“This explosion of athletic wear and rompers is very ironic when you think about how much more sedentary we’ve become. As we’ve become less active and higher-tech, we’re wearing more
and more workout clothes.”

“Trying and achieving are two different things.”

“We no longer need fur for warmth and protection. There are plenty of textiles that provide that today. It’s pure whim and vanity to choose to wear fur. It shows a level of ignorance
or lack of concern that reflects poorly on the wearer.”

“With fashion, you really need to understand the aspects of construction. Not just design on an iPad.”

“You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious about the world.”

In this inspiration Youtube video, Tim Gunn talks about his life and how he had to deal with bullies and critics. It is part of the “It Gets Better” campaign that focuses on LGBT youth and the struggles they face.

I truly hope you’ve loved these great Tim Gunn quotes!

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