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35 Splendid Felix Dennis Quotes

Felix Dennis was a renowned poet and philanthropist from Surrey, England. He had a rough childhood that inspired much of his style of writing. Sadly, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 67 years old. Here are some of his most memorable and meaningful quotes.

“Anyone not busy learning is busy dying.”

“Believing your own bullshit is always a perilous activity, but never more fatal than for the owner of a start-up venture.”

“Do not be shy to call customers who owe you money. It works.”

“Fear not. For fear itself is fed by fear, and all fears pass. Did no one tell you so? Come take my hand, my friend, and we will peer into this fear’s abyss. And jump! And know.”

“Few things in life are certain except death and being taxed.”

“For me, temptation is life and I have a gargantuan appetite for everything.”

“Having a great idea is simply not enough. The eventual goal is vastly more important than any idea. It is how ideas are implemented that counts in the long run.”

“I am a born-again atheist, so there isn’t going to be a funeral. I will be buried in a linen wrap in a cardboard coffin in my forest with an oak tree planted on my head.”

“I couldn’t care less what anyone’s ‘perception’ of me is. I’m too long in the tooth to care.”

“I should have liked to get married, but over many decades I have lived essentially alone. I go to sleep when I’m tired, get up when I wake up, have my food prepared when I’m hungry. I can’t bear the thought that I’d have to coincide, make an effort.”

“I think having a great idea is vastly overrated. I know it sounds kind of crazy and counterintuitive. I don’t think it matters what the idea is, almost. You need great execution.”

“I’m very proud of the fact that I’m one of Britain’s biggest selling poets. That gives me a huge amount of pleasure.”

“It’s a long, slow sunset for ink-on-paper magazines, but sunsets can produce vast sums of money.”

“It’s very difficult to be continuously charitable in a capitalistic society. You’ve also got to make sure that you can pay everyone who works for you.”

“I’ve been busy for years, buying land, often under pseudonyms, and planting trees on it. All the money is going into it when I die.. and in the end I’d like to think that it will be
20 to 30,000 acres.”

“Making money is certainly the one addiction I cannot shake.”

“Money is power. Power is an aphrodisiac.”

“Most of the worst errors I made in my life came from forgetting to act small.”

“No poetry that I’m aware of, however bad or glorious, has ever left somebody a worse person than they were before they read it.”

“Nobody could like Donald Trump, surely, except his mother. No one really likes The Donald.”

“People really do not have time to read all the newspapers in the world and all the sites that we now commonly use on the web. There is no possibility of keeping up.”

“People who get trapped in the tunnel vision of making money think that is all there is to life.”

“Rich people always have a certain degree of debt. Apparently it helps to reduce taxes. I’m not so hot on the bean-counting side.”

“The beginnings of a forest is one of the ugliest things on the planet. It’s bleak and your neighbours hate you.”

“The planet doesn’t require saving, and actually hasn’t asked Greenpeace to save it.”

“The reason I don’t carry a mobile phone is I don’t want people to know where I am!”

“There are as many forms of happiness as sorrow, though most prove fleeting.”

“Unless you are completely retired, earning money is the best form of wealth preservation.”

“What is negotiation but the accumulation of small lies leading to advantage?”

“Whatever qualities the rich may have, they can be acquired by anyone with the tenacity to become rich.”

“When I was young, I wanted to be the greatest blues singer of all time. I wrecked my education and left home for it.”

“When you come across real talent, it is sometimes worth allowing them to create the structure in which they choose to labor. In nine cases out of ten, by inviting them to take
responsibility and control for a new venture, you will motivate them to do great things.”

“Whosoever plants a tree winks at immortality.”

“You’ll never get rich by working for your boss.”

In this great Youtube video, Felix Dennis talks about his passion for nature and what his poetry means to him.

I hope you’ve loved these great Felix Dennis quotes.

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