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35 Good Republican Party Campaign Slogans

Within a two party system, Democrats and Republicans must strive to set their agendas apart through attractive campaign slogans to win voter support. A listing of good Republican party campaign slogans used by previous Presidents and candidates are outlined below.

Believe in America.
Country First.
Defeat the New Deal and Its Reckless Spending.
Don’t swap horses in midstream.
Four more years of the full dinner pail.
Full Dinner Pail.
Go clean for Gene.
Grandfather’s hat fits Ben.
Grant beat Davis – Greeley bailed him.
Grant us another term.
Hoo but Hoover?
I like Ike.
I still like Ike.
In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right.
Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge.
Let Well Enough Alone.
Let’s Get Another Deck.
Let’s make America great again.
Let’s Make It a Landon-Slide.
Life, Liberty, and Landon.
Ma, Ma where’s my Pa?
Morning Again in America.
No Fourth Term Either.
Peace and Prosperity.
Read my lips.
Roosevelt for Ex-President.
Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.
There’s No Indispensable Man.
This is a White Man’s Government!
Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too.
Vote as You Shot.
Washington Wouldn’t, Grant Couldn’t, Roosevelt Shouldn’t.
We are turning the corner.
We Want Willkie.
Yes, America Can!

Social media is a powerful medium for influencing voters nationwide. However, this form of media can also be damaging to political groups and candidates reputation. Approximately 60% of political spam is generated from fake social profiles with no user activity. Other interesting facts about social spam can be found in the infographic below.
Political Social Spam Statistics and Effects

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