37 Creative and Catchy Cookbook Names

Recent trends have illustrated individual desires for more healthier options and homegrown ingredients. Redefining health has led to a high demand of new cookbooks that provide the types of recipes wanted by consumers. The following list of creative cookbook names that are currently published will help to inspire your own cooking efforts.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Circle of Friends Cookbook
A Man, A Cave
Cook This, Not That!
America’s Most Wanted Recipes
Art of the Grill
A Man, A Can, A Plan
Best Recipes from the Backs of Boxes
The Secret Lives of Baked Goods
Cake Mix Cookies
Homemade no Time
Top Secret Recipes
The Soup Bible
The Guilt Free Cookbook
Eat to Live Cookbook
Great Tasting Potatoes Cookbook
Stuff on a Stick
Superfoods Cookbook
The Chew
Recipes in a Jar
The Barefoot Contessa
Not Your Mothers
Fun and Delicious Stuffed Dishes
Old School Comfort Food
Against all Grain
The Flavor Bible
Recipes Tried and True
Well Fed
Fifty Shades of Chicken
Food for Thought
Great Food Fast
The Century Cookbook
Now Eat This
Food of God
Eating Life

Cooking has been around since the prehistoric age where 1.5 million year old campfires have been found. The invention of fire and agriculture serves as a turning point in human history. To more recent centuries where every home is constructed with an accessible kitchen for cooking. The following infographic outlines interesting facts about cooking and its origins.
Interesting Facts About Cooking