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150 Catchy Personal Training Business Names

The personal trainer industry primarily depends on individual abilities to have income that is disposable. Personal training is also considered a discretionary service and is largely dictated by health trends of the time. It is projected that demand for training will increase in the next five years within an industry that offers low barriers of entry. The personal training industry is considered still in the growing stage, but has barriers with increasing competition. The following collection of personal trainer businesses are listed below. These current businesses can be found throughout the nation and are intended to inspire your own branding name.

1614 Fitness & Aerobics
Absolute Health and Fitness
Absolution Crossfit
Accessible Fitness
Active Lifestyles
Adaptive Bodywork
American Family Fitness
Amplified Fitness
Athlete Training and Health
Axis Personal Trainers
B3 Personal Training
Be Fit Personal Trainers
Beach Body
Becker Gets Fit
Beyond Limits Training
Bodies Personal Training
Body By Kate
Body Coach
Body Crafters
Body Edge
Catalyst Athletics
Catalyst Fit
Changing Tide
Chisel Training
Coastline Counseling
Competitive Edge Power & Fitness
Crossfit Njord
Crossfit Sweetwater
Crunch Fitness
Curvy Coastline
Daily Grind Fitness
Dimes by the Dozen
East80 Crossfit
Efficient Coaching
Embody Fitness Center
Empower Personalized Fitness
Empowering Punch
Evolution Personal Training Studio
Evolution Trainers
Evolve Fitness By Jen
Finding A Better You
Fit Body Boot Camp
Fit by the Sea
Fit From the Core
Fit Sets
Fit Treat
Fitness 19
Fitness Edge
Fitness Together
Fitness Works
Float Fitness
Forget The Gym Personal Training
Go Fitness Center
Golf Body Rx
Got Muscle
Gotta B Fit
Health Harbor
Health Triad Personal Training
High Tide Fitness
Hit Fitness Training
Hot Mix Yoga
Hustle Hut
Impact Training
Inline Private Training
Inner Strength Fitness Studio
InStep Pilates
InterFit Health and Fitness Management Company
Ironlungs Boxing & Personal Training
Just You Fitness
Kinetics Personal Training
Levelup Personal Training
Main Street Fitness
Metro Fitness Central
Mindful Body Fitness
Misfit Gym
My Personal Trainer
N Shape
New Moon Fitness
Next Level Fitness
NJ Fitness Factory
No Limit Fitness
No Limit Personal Training
North Point Fitness
Old Spartan Fitness
On the Dance Floor Fitness
One to One Fitness
Paramount Fitness Training
Perfect Personal Training
Planet Fitness
Pongo Power
Pro-Fitness Training
QT Fitness/QT Health
Red Run Fitness
Redline Athletics
reForm Studios
ReSet Personal Training Studio
Right Fit Personal Training
Scoop Pilates and Personal Training
Sea Fit
Seal Team Personal Training
Shape Shifters Personal Training
Shaping Concepts
Shore Fit
Signature Fitness
Simplicity Training
Simply Real Fitness
Six Pack Abs Class Room
Snap Fitness
Straight Blasts Gym
Stronger Fitness
Studio Fitness
Swat Fitness
Taylor Made Training Center
Tennis Fitness
Terrain Gym
The Bar Method
The Body Firm
The Body You Want
The Healthy Tradie Project
The Lab
The Movement Studio
The Perfect Workout
The Superhuman Project
The Training Loft
The Training Spot
The Wave
Thrive on the Basics
Through Christ Fit
Timberline Fitness Studio
Top Notch Trainers
Train Strong Fit
True to our Makings
Turbo Personal Training & Nutrition
Urban Active Fitness
Victory Fitness Center
Wild Fitness
Wildly Better
Work Fitness Inc.
Zero Gravity

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80% of the nations population are currently wanting to lose weight. However, 88% believe they lead a healthy lifestyle. The following fitness statistics will help to outline the current mindset of individuals regarding their health and fitness.
Fitness Industry Statistics

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