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35 Catchy Handmade Jewelry Blog Names

Creating your own jewelry provides a unique product for the consumer. These great handmade jewelry blog names from existing bloggers serve as the perfect source of inspiration to one day sell your own pieces online. These blogs will give you many ideas to the type of website you may want to one day create for yourself.

All About Beads
Baubles & Beads
Beading Arts
Beads Direct
Beads Magic
Bee Jang
Bespoke Bead Jewellery
Candie Cooper
Caravan Beads
DIY Jewelry Making
Goody Beads
Handmade Creations by Sriya
Haute Ice Beadwork
Humble Beads
Jewelry Making Journal
Keepsake Crafts
Lan Anh Handmade
Macrame School
Make and Fable
Making Beaded Jewelry
Mariel Beads and Beyond Beaded Jewelry
Oscar Crow Handmade Jewelry
Red Ted Art’s
Rubeads Jewelry
Silverthread Designs
Song Sense Jewelry
The Beading Table
The O’Neil Sisters
The Sparklie Things Blog
Wire Jewelry
Yaf Sparkle Jewelry Boutique

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