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35 Best Ways to Promote Your Music Online


Getting Your Music Heard Online

Trying to make it in the big time is not an easy endeavor. However, starting out online where you can build up a fan base and get your own record produced can be easier for taking yourself down the path of your dreams. Follow these simple tips.

Write Your Legacy

Your legacy is in your music. Choose the genre that you love and immerse in it thoroughly. Write your songs one at a time. There is no need to rush when you are trying to make history. If you doubt the talent of your music, than you are not ready to undertake this endeavor. Pay attention t the individuality of other artists in your genre so you can set yourself apart. Use software to produce it and professionally master the quality of the music.

Create an Image

Publish your band information and tracks to all sites that cater to musicians. Create a wikipedia page for those seeking out a detailed biography about you. Create or hire someone to create unique your band beautiful cover art and logos. A CD sheet listing your bios and songs and tag your music so it can come up in search results online. Rotate new tracks in and out on sites to avoid stagnancy.

Stay in Touch

Release new updates and fan mailings to communicate with your fan base. Offer free mp3 for subscribers to your mailing list and hold contests and giveaways for free merchandise to engage your fan audience. Participate online in anything that is interesting and insightful material to you. Use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, Tumblr, and Forums for connected with others.

Commit to the Scene

Find and communicate with other like artists within your genre and heading down the same path. When you have a local gig, tell everyone and post pictures. Submit your work to record labels within your genre of music and remain consistent. Never give up.

Making a Living Ain’t Easy

The average indie artists requires 4 million online plays to make $1,160 a month based on minimum wage standards. Most musicians surveyed had other jobs and spent almost 40% of the time doing promotions over making new music. Struggling artists tend to use the internet at least once a day 91% of the time.


Generate Profit Online
CDBaby – popular for selling music.
Ingrooves – distributes music through over 400 partners worldwide.
TuneCore – sends to all online stores, Spotify, iTunes, eMusic, AmazonMP3, and more.

Enrich Your Opinions
clubknowledge – facilitates creating an interview for sites.
LosingToday – writes reviews for artists.
Toxic Pete – provides unbiased constructive reviews of music.

Getting Your Name Out
Klubkat – magazine for unsigned bands and worldwide youth culture.
IODA – distributes music online to the global economy.
Record of the Day – provides news to the UK about the music industry.

Helping Fans Online
DURP – a webzine for getting good links.
More Music – directory for worldwide band promotion.
MusicMoz – The Open Music Project.

Let The World Know
BBC Music Going Out – for local gig announcements.
Aloud.com – sells tickets to shows online.
Rave Magazine – publishes press releases, gigs, and classifieds for free.

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