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37 Best Ice Cream Company Names

During a four year period of the economic downturn faced by America, ice cream brands such as Cold Stone Creamery and Baskin-Robbins saw drastic drops in annual sales. Cold Stone went from $430 million to $366 million and Baskin-Robbins went from $496 million from $570 million. However, this is not a symbol of a dying industry by far. Baskin-Robbin started back up their flavor of the month campaign and the industry is expecting to see some highers in upcoming years. While frozen yogurt can become a fierce competitor to ice cream, even after the TCBY explosions in the 80’s/90’s, ice cream businesses survived. It has become an American icon. The following list of ice cream companies are names from around the area to help inspire your own possible brand.

(First Name) Homemade Ice Cream
(First Name) Ice Creams
(First Name) Splendid Ice Creams
Bassett’s Ice Cream
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream
Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Chaney’s Dairy Barn
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream
Diddy Riese
Fentons Creamery
Four Seas Ice Cream
Freddy Hill Farms
Glacier Homemade Ice Cream
Icream Cafe
Izzy’s Ice Cream
Little Man Ice Cream
Marble Slab Creamery
Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
Moomers Homemade Ice Cream
Original Rainbow Cone
Pokey O’s
Smitten Ice Cream
Southern Ice Cream Corp.
Sprinkles Cupcake and Ice Cream
Sugar Bowl
Sweet Action Ice Cream
The Comfy Cow
The Creamery
The Franklin Fountain
The Plush Horse
Toscaninis Ice Cream
Velvet Ice Cream Co Inc.

Ice cream finds its way into 98% of people’s homes. The average amount of ice cream consumed each year by an American is 35.9 pints. This is more than Australia, Norway, and Sweden. It can take up to 12 gallons of milk to make a tub of increase. When adding toppings, be sure to consider some of the most popular choices such as hot fudge and sprinkles. The below infographic outlines these interesting facts about ice cream.

Ice Cream Statistics

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