35 Ideas for Tax Company Names

In the United States only 49% of individuals expect to receive a tax refund. The average refund is over $3,000 although the average that 25% of Americans have to pay is over $4,000. More than half that receive a refund plan on saving it while 17% intend on paying off debt. The following series of tax company names are from businesses that file taxes and tend to the bookkeeping needs of others.

Alliant Group LP
American Accounting & Tax Co.
Beattie & Co.
Boston Bookkeepers
By the Book Accounting
Cohen & Havian
Cohen Cohen & Co.
Crown & Company
Daniel Dennis & Co.
Decosimo Certified Public Accountants
Doris & Company
Edelstein & Co.
Financial Guardian Group
First Class Tax Relief
Fiske & Company
Fusion CPA
In The Black Accounting
O’Connor & Associates
O’Tolle & Company
Paradigm Tax Group LLC
Proven Method Inc.
Republic Property Tax
Rosenberg & Co.
Sandhaus and Company
Shinn & Company LLC
Small Business Services
Talley & Company
Tax Business and Planning
The Accounting & Tax Company Inc.
The Gagnon Group
The Parris Company
Tulis Miller & Co.
United Payroll Services
Wolf & Company
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An estimated 72% of Americans have never been late filing taxes. Over 35% file before March 1st with 10% waiting until the very last day. Approximately 14% of Americans use a chain preparation service such as Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block. The below infographic outlines the trends and statistics of tax season in America.

Tax Statistics