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125 Great Game Company Names

The United States gaming market is worth an average of $5 billion dollars. The average age of a gamer is 30-40s. The below series of game company names focus on the development of new software and games to bring forth to the industry new ideas of adventure and roll playing on console systems.

11 Bit Studios
1C Company
1-Up Company
2K Games
3D Realms
3D Studios
42 Entertainment
5th Cell
Aces Studio
Active Gaming Media
Activision Blizzard
Adventure Soft
Arc System Works
Artificial Studios
Atari Inc.
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Bauhaus Entertainment
Bethesda Softworks LLC
Big Fish Games
Big Fun Development Corporation
BigPoint Inc.
Bits Studios
Black Lantern Studios
Black Wing Foundation
Blizzard Entertainment
Blockdot Inc.
Blue Byte
Bouncing Pixel
Brainy Chick Inc.
Capcom Company
Carbine Studios
CCP Games
Clockwork Elements LLC
Code Particle Inc.
Coded Illusions
Deadline Games
Deep Silver Volition
Demiurge Studios
Digital Eclipse
Double Fine Productions
Dovetail Games
EA Dice
EA Maxis
Electronic Arts
Elemental Games
Epic Games
FarSight Studios
Filament Games LLC
Fire Hose Games
Forest Giant
ForgeWare Inc.
Foundation 9 Entertainment
Frontier Development
Game Arts
Game Freak
Game Guys
Gunfire Games
Headstrong Games
High Voltage Software
Hudson Soft
ID Software
Idol Minds
Infinity Ward
Insomniac Games
Intelligent Systems Co.
Interloop Studios
International Game Technology
Jam City
Kaos Studios
Konami Holdings Corporations
Krome Studios
Large Animal Games
Legacy Interactive
Legend Entertainment
Level Up Gaming Inc.
Level-5 Company
Looking Glass Studios
Majesco Entertainment
Media Elements
Micro Center
Microsoft Corporation
Midway Games
Monolith Productions
Mythic Entertainment
Natural Motion
Naughty Dog
Nexon Co.
Nova Logic
Petroglylph Games
Polyphony Digital
PopCap Games Inc.
Retro Studios
Rockstar Games
Sega Games Co.
Six3Six Studios LLC
Sonic Team
Sony Computer Entertainment
Square Enix Holdings
Stigma Games
Take-Two Interactive Software
THQ Inc.
Treasure Co.
Valve Corporation
Vicarious Visions Inc.
ZeniMax Media Inc.

The Sony Playstation 2 was considered thee best selling console ever, reaching 138 million units sold. The Mario franchise is considered to be the most successful video game series, selling 225 million copies. The infographic below outlines more industry specific statistics and fun facts.

Video Game Industry Statistics

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