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35 Catchy Carpentry Slogans and Taglines

The carpentry industry has seen changes in technology and materials that require new training for this rapidly advancing technology. Demographics impact recruiting as the average worker is age 47. An estimated 20% of carpenter workers will require in the next three years. As the Hispanic segment increases, barriers with limited English speaking can create barriers in communication. This has been determined as one of the key contributors with work related deaths. The following collection of carpentry slogans are used by currently existing carpenters throughout the United States and meant to increase your motivation in developing your own unique brand.

A full service general contractor specializing in restoration, renovation, and remodeling.
A lasting value.
A luxury custom home builder and home remodeling company.
A premier source for professional installation services.
Building quality homes for residents.
Building services for business.
Complete general carpentry.
Complete home care services.
Construction. Design. Build.
Creating unique and personalized woodwork.
Custom home and remodel specialist.
Custom projects with artistic, design oriented value.
Custom woodworking and carpentry.
Dedicated to offering the highest quality services in building, carpentry, construction, and remodeling.
Family owned local custom cabinet shop.
Fine carpentry. Finish carpenters.
Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
Home services for remodeling and new construction.
Improve your home from the ground up.
Make old look new, new look better, and better look the best.
New construction, remodeling, additions, and more.
Old houses are as diverse and exceptional as the people who live in them.
Outstanding craftmanship, affordability, integrity, and customer service.
Providing you with exceptional service and quality workmanship.
Putting in action your remodeling ideas and turning them into a beautiful and stylish result.
Quality you can trust, at a price you can afford.
Setting the pace for professionalism.
Solid as the wood we work with.
Tackling a wide variety of construction repairs and remodeling projects.
Teams on beams.
Transform your house to a home.
We take great pride in what we build or design so we can make your visions and dreams come true.
Woodworking with style.
You can count on us.
Your ideas crafted with precision and detail.
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The job market for woodworkers and carpenters have seen great decline in recent years due to the recession. In recent years, jobs have remained steady at around 350,000 after dropping an estimated 300,000 from the late 1990’s. Average hourly earnings have been on the rise to over $15.00 with the highest paid workers located in Hawaii. The below infographic outlines statistics and historical trends from throughout the carpentry industry.

Carpentry Industry Facts and Jobs

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