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125 Good Catchy Photobooth Business Names

Photo booth rentals are rapidly growing in popularity for birthday parties, weddings, and many other events. It is a very simple business, and all you really need is a photo booth. If you are looking to begin your new photo booth business than you need a great name to go with it. This list of existing photo booth rental business can give you some great ideas.

Amazing Pictorial Liberation
At Pixel
Bamboo Snap
Be Captured
Beam Box
Booth Clix
Booth Fairy
Candid Closet
Candid Shots
Capta Booth
Capture It Photo Booths
Capture the Moment
Cease Time Photo Booth Rental
Cheesy Booth
Color Me Photo
Crazy Frames
Deja Photo
Digipicz Photo Booth Rentals
Elite Motions
Epic Moments Photo Booth
Essential Etsy
Eventz Photo Booths
Fab Poses
Fancy Face Photo Booth
Flash Focus
FlashBar Photo Booth
Flicka Box
Forever Flash
Foto Favors
Frozen Snap
Fun Mugs Photo Booth Rental
Futu Memories
Get It Photo Booth
Go Foto Yourself
Good Time Photo Booth
Happy Go
Happy Snappy
Holy Cow Photo Booth Rentals
Image Star
Imperial Photo Booths
Insta Selfie
Joy Photo Booth
Kapture Booth
Kapture King
Keep Smiling Photo Booth
Laugh Out Loud Photo Booth
Leased Lens
Let’s Booth It
Life’s Memories
Love Smiles
Lucky Shots
Lucky Star Photo Booths
Magic Shutterbug Photo Booths
Magic Smiles
Market Street Photo Booth
MobiPix Smile
My Pic Photo Booth
O Shoot Photo Booths
Oh Snap!
Party Click Photo Booth
Party Pod’s
Party Selfies Photo Booth
Peekaboo Photo Booth
Photo Berry
Photo Boom
Photo Booth Biz
Photo Fusion
Photo Magic
Photo Tales
Pic Junky
Pic Me!
Pic Shutters
Pic Star Photobooth
Pics Box
Picto Booth
Picto Pod
Picto Snap
Picture Please
Picture Their Faces
Pixel Candid
Pixie Dust Photo Booth
Porta Pixie
Portrait Palace
Precious Memories
Quick Shoot
Red Eye Pixels
Remember Me Photo Booths
Royal Flash Photo Booths
Say Cheese Photo Booths
Selfies Stuff
Shots Photo Booth Company
Shutter Cage
Shutter Pose
Shutter Snaps
Shutter Stop
Shutter Zing
Signia Booth
Silly Face Photo Booth
Smile Machines
Smiles For Miles
Snap Assure
Snap Away
Snap Front
Snap Portals
Snap Ryder
Snap Share
Snap! PhotoBooth
Snapo Mize
Snappy Moments
Social Booth
The Majestic Photobooth
The Traveling Photo Booth
Top Hat Photo Booths
Trendy Touches
VIP Party Booths
Vogue Photo Box
You Pix
Your Clicks
Your Photo Fun
Zippy Clippy
Zippy Lens

This is a video for a photo booth rental company, it shows everything that they offer. It can give you a great idea as to what to expect when starting your own photo booth rental company.

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