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150 Greatest Lash Business Names of All-Time

Here are the 150 greatest lash business names of all-time. I have grouped them by category, from catchy to cute to unique. After the lash names, I list out the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Lash Business, which is then followed by the Catchiest Lash Slogans Ever.

Best Lash Business Names
Lash Therapy
High Brow
Lash Out
Brow Art
The Lash Life
Beautiful Brows
Lash Snobs
Lash Room
Brow Haus
Uptown Brow
Lush Lash
Lash Bash
Lash On Wax Off
Brow Arc
Lash Envy
Nailed and Lashed

Catchy Lash Names
Allure Lash Lounge
Angel Lash
Chic Lash Boutique
Envious Lashes
Flutter Lash Studio
Glamour Lash
House of Lashes
Lash But Not Least
Lash Looks
Lash RX
Lashes Up
Luxurious Lashes
MINX Lash Club
Ooh’lah Lash
The Lash Boutique
The Lash Loft
The Modern Lash
Tres Chic Beauty Bar
Vanity Lash Lounge

Creative Lash Names
Amazing Lash Studio
Art & Lashes
Celebrity Lashes
Eye Candy
Eyelashes R Us
Flutter Boutique
Iconic Lash Co.
Kiss My Lash
Lash Brow + Beauty
Lash it Up and Spa
Lash Point Eyelash Extensions
Luv a Lash
Ms. Wink Lash Bar
Pink Polish Lashes
The Lash Lab
The Lash Lounge
The Refinery Lab
Twin Nails and Lovely Lashes
Uptown Girl

Unique Lash Names
Anastasia Lashes
Bling Lash
Dash of Lash
Dollhouse Beauty Lounge
Eye Do Lashes
Flashy Lashies
Flutter and Wink
Glad Girl
Got Lash
Integrity Lash
Lash Dip
Lash Masters
Lash Scouts
Lushous Lash
My Little Beautique Lash & Brow
Oh La Lash!
Posh Lash and Beauty Bar
The Glam Bar
The Lashe Spot
The Sweetest Lash
Wax Off Lash on
Wicked Lashes

Cute Lash Names
Affordable Eyelash Extensions
Beauty Care
Brow & Lash Salon
Dream Lash
Eye Love Lash
Flawless Lashes
Flirt & Flutter
Forever Lashes
Iris Eyelash & Spa
J&J Eyelashes
Katie’s Luxury Lashes
LA Lash Bar
Lash & Brow
Lash Luxe
LASH Studio
Love Threading Bar
Lucy’s Lash Bar
Master Lash
My Secret
Omni Lash Lounge
Princess Nail Waxing Eyelash Extension
Salon Lashe
Sleeping Beauty Boutique
Smooth Luxury Skin
Sweet Pea Lashes
Your Little Secret
Yumi Lashes

Clever Lash Names
Art Lash
Best Lash
Curvy Lashes
Divinity Luxe Lashes
Dream Eyelashes
Ellie’s Beauty Touch
Eyelash Extensions
Fabulash and Brow Beautique
Face, Brown, & Beauty Bar
Flirty Girl Lash
Goddess Lashes
Infinite Lash Studio
Lady Lash Studio
Lash Dolls
Lash Factory
Lash Love Eyelash Extensions
Lash Mia
Lash Tech Pro
Lavish Lashes
Liv Lash Boutique
MC Lash Studio
Miallure Lash & Brow
Oasis Lashes
Ripply Eyelash
Salon Lash Eyelash Extensions
Shine Nails Brows Lashes
Star Lash Beauty Bar
Sultry Eyes Studio
Sunny Eyelash Extensions
You Doll You

Unusual Lash Business Names
Butterfly Kiss
Doll in a Dash
Dulce Lash Lounge
Eye Lash Labs
Feel the Heal
Folicle A Salon
I Do Lashes
Lash Island
Lash Me
Lashes 2 Lacquer
Live Love Lash
Maros Lash Studio
Naughty Lash
Ohh Lashes
Sinful Lashes
Skyn Studio
The Lash Lift
The Vogue Lash Bar
Wax Spa
Whip Lash

How to Name Your Lash Business

Lash Business Name Ideas

Greatest Lash Slogans of All-Time
A Wink is Worth a Thousand Words
A Blink Away from Great Lashes
All Lashed Up and Everywhere to Go
Your Lashes Will Speak Louder than Words
The Perfect Frosting for Your Eyes
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