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51 Good Catchy Lash Business Names

The beauty and cosmetic industry has always been an incredibly profitable one. In 2014 alone it made nearly 56 billion dollars in revenue. The latest trend has been in eye lash enhancements. Whether it be false ones being put on or even extensions being placed on the lashes themselves, this is a great business to get yourself into. The first step to a successful business in any industry is your name. This will represent you and your company for a very long time. Here is an incredible list of existing eye lash business names to help get you thinking.

Affordable Eyelash Extensions
Amazing Lash Studio
Best Lash
Bling Lash
Butterfly Kiss
Chic Lash Boutique
Curvy Lashes
Dream Lash
Envious Lashes
Eye Candy
Eye Do Lashes
Eye Lash Labs
Eye Love Lash
Eyelash Extensions
Flirt & Flutter
Flutter and Wink
Flutter Boutique
Forever Lashes
Glamour Lash
Got Lash
Integrity Lash
J&J Eyelashes
Kiss My Lash
LASH Studio
Lavish Lashes
Lushous Lash
Naughty Lash
Oasis Lashes
Sinful Lashes
Sleeping Beauty Boutique
Sultry Eyes Studio
Sunny Eyelash Extensions
The Lash Boutique
The Lash Loft
The Lash Lounge
Uptown Girl
Vanity Lash Lounge
Whip Lash
You Doll You
Your Little Secret

This video documents one women’s experience while getting eye lash extensions in a salon. This is great because it shows how the customers think and react to certain things when using a salon.

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